The Good, The Not So Good, The Utterly Surprising

Iyar 4, 5777

April 30, 2017


Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day, will begin tonight at sundown. At 8 pm, a siren will sound across the country to commemorate and honor the 23,544 soldiers, security guards, and victims of terror who have been killed defending Israel or because they were Israelis. At some time today, Israelstreet encourages you to take one minute, stand at attention or sit quietly, and similarly pay tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for Israel.

The News on the Israel Street Today

Palestinian terrorists run amok . . .

It was another Shabbat of violence with more than 50 terror events throughout Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem.

Palestinian terrorists opened fire on IDF soldiers at the Ta’anim Checkpoint. Fortunately, no soldiers were wounded; unfortunately, the terrorists escaped.

Palestinian terrorists set fires near Yitzhar in an attempt to burn down the perimeter security fence. They were unsuccessful.

Israeli soldiers, Border Guards, and police were attacked by Palestinian terrorists with “rocks” and Molotovs at El Aruv, Tekoa, Jayyus, Rachel’s Tomb, Beit Daku, Kedumim, Beit Ummar, Tamar, Hizma, Na’alin, Nabi Saleh, Issawiya, A-Tur, Silwan, Nokdim, Budrus, Itamar, Qalqilya, Mt. Hevron, Khirbet Gebara, and other places. 

The above information is taken from Israelis on the ground who report attacks on and


The Good, The Not So Good, The Utterly Surprising

There is an extremely interesting survey today from the “Peace Index Survey” conducted by the Guttman Center of the Israel Democracy Institute in conjunction with Tel Aviv University. These entities are noted for producing notoriously biased polls–biased in favor of the Israeli left.

In short, one would expect the result of any survey they produce, especially a “peace survey”, to be heavily critical of the government and disparaging toward the country.

Which is why this survey is a surprise.

Question 1: How would you evaluate Israel’s overall situation? (Possible answers: good, ok, bad)

Israeli-Jews: 83.1% answered “good” or “ok”, 15.8% answered “bad”

Israeli-Arabs: 85% answered “good” or “ok”, 12.4% answered “bad”

Given the fact that the leftist Israeli media constantly attacks the government and rants about how terrible Israel’s situation is, it is obvious that the Israeli public disagrees. And isn’t it surprising that Israeli Jews and Arabs have virtually the same opinion?

Question 2: How would you evaluate your personal situation? (Possible answers: good, so-so, not good)

Israeli-Jews: 74% good, 23.8% so-so, 1.3% not good

Israeli-Arabs: 56.7% good, 31.3% so-so, 7.9% not good

These results are astonishing. Only 1.3% of Israeli Jews think their personal situation is not good–and only 7.9% of Israeli Arabs? Insofar as Israeli-Arabs are concerned, the numbers run directly counter to the international canard that Israeli-Arabs are somehow the victims of economic and social discrimination.

Question 3: Are you proud to be an Israeli?  (Possible answers: yes, no)

Israeli Jews: 86.1% yes, 13% no

Israeli Arabs: 51.1% yes, 39.9% no

While your humble servant wishes that more Israeli-Arabs were proud–the fact that more than half are is, in itself, quite remarkable.

Question 4: Are you optimistic about the future of Israel?

Israeli-Jews: 73.4% yes, 22.2% no

Israeli-Arabs: 60.8% yes, 32.1% no

Again, the difference between Israeli-Jews and Israeli-Arabs is not very much–and the fact that the optimism for both groups is more than 60%–given the steady drumbeat of threats facing the country–can only be viewed positively.

Question 5: Is Israel successfully reducing its social gaps?

Israeli-Jews: 18.6% yes

Israeli-Arabs: 49.3% yes

Wow! The numbers speak for themselves.

Question 6: Is the Israeli government doing a good job maintaining economic stability?

Israeli-Jews: 59.8% yes

Israeli-Arabs: 74.5 % yes

Again, wow!





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