The Iranian Problem in Syria: Israel Must Look After Its Own Interests

24 Tammuz 5777

18 July 2017


The News on the Israel Street 

The new Temple Mount news . . .

*About the magnetometers (aka metal detectors) . . .

It turns out that for the moment the Police only intend to open three of the nine gates that Muslims use to access the Mount. Magnetometers are being placed at the third Gate to today to join their fellow magnetometers at the Gate of the Tribes and the Council Gate.

*A historic moment? . . .

Yesterday, for the first time since anyone can remember, a group of Jews were permitted on the Temple Mount with no “escort” by the “police” of the Islamic Wakf. Your humble servant wishes he could get more excited about this, but the only reason no “police” were there was because the Wakf decreed they could not be there. What’s more, there were only 21 Jews allowed to ascend.

When the day comes that unlimited numbers of Jews are permitted on the Mount with no police of the Islamic Wakf there to obstruct them, your humble servant will rejoice.

*Palestinian terrorists on the loose . . .

Using the temporary closure of the Temple Mount to Muslim worshipers last Friday and Saturday as an excuse, Palestinian terrorists mounted “rock”, Molotov, and shooting attacks throughout Jerusalem all day yesterday and into the night. Some of the most affected locations were the Lions’ Gate, Damascus Gate, Ras Al Amud, Sur Baher, Silwan, Ein al-Luza, Mota Gur Road, Shuafat, Hagai Street, Issawiya, Jabel Mukaber, and on the Mt. of Olives.

*Fatah vs Hamas/Islamic Jihad . . .

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Movement is now engaged in intense competition with Hamas/Islamic Jihad to see which terrorist organization can incite more violence.

Tomorrow, Fatah has called for “a day of rage,” while Hamas and Islamic Jihad have issued this joint announcement calling for a new intifada which reads in part: “We call upon all Muslims to stop the Zionist actions about the Al-Aksa Mosque and raise the hands of the extremist [Zionist] government in surrender. We call on Muslims everywhere to bring Muslim sovereignty to the Al-Aksa Mosque.” 

*Speaking for Allah . . .

Not one to be left by the wayside by Fatah and Hamas/Islamic Jihad, the Grand Poobah (aka Mufti) of Jerusalem, Mohammed Hussein declared yesterday that all prayers made to Allah by anyone who goes through the new metal detectors are invalid.

It’s nice to know that Hussein has direct access to Allah and can tell us what he is thinking. 

By the way, one wonders what Hussein and Allah think about the Saudi restrictions on Muslims who come to pray at Islam’s holiest place, the Ka’aba in Mecca? In Mecca, worshipers must wear electronic bracelets with GPS so Saudi security knows where they are every second, pass through metal detectors, and subject themselves to being video recorded by more than 5000 security cameras all over the compound.

*What do you think about this photo? . . .

Just outside the Lions' Gate yesterday.

Just outside the Lions’ Gate yesterday.

My first thought upon seeing this yesterday was “Why are the Muslims bowing and praying to the Israeli Border Police?” And then I thought that maybe they were praying to Allah to remove the metal detectors. Or maybe they were just mooning whoever was taking the picture.

Knesset Member Bezalel Smotrich saw the same photo and put it on his Facebook page with this quotation from the the prophet Isaiah (60:14): “The sons also of them that afflicted thee shall come bending unto thee; and all they that despised thee shall bow themselves down at the soles of thy feet; and they shall call thee, The city of the LORD, The Zion of the Holy One of Israel.”

Well said Bezalel!

Of course as soon as Smotrich posted the photo and caption, the lefties in Israel went berserk calling Smotrich a”fascist” and a “racist.”

The non-Mount news today . . .

*The attempt to bring down Netanyahu . . .

In a very revealing interview on Israeli television, Abie Benjanim, the leader of the “anti-corruption” protests taking place in Petah Tikvah in front of Attorney General Mandelblit’s home, was bluntly direct about the purpose of the demonstrations against the Attorney General:

“We want to bring Bibi [Netanyahu] down, but it’s hard to bring him down in elections.”

Well there you have it, as if we didn’t already know it. What is the point of Sarah and the take out pizza? Sarah and the pink champagne? Sarah and the garden furniture? Bibi and the submarines? Bibi and Noni Mozes? Bibi and the cigars? Etc. Etc. Etc.

The purpose of the media and the lefties is to bring him down by making continuous accusations–since they cannot bring him down by defeating him in a democratic election.

*And they call this art? . . .

Infamous Israeli sculptor Yigal Tumarkin has just had his pieces of sculpture placed in the Tel Aviv District Court, the Magistrate’s Court in Jerusalem and the Magistrate’s Court in Eilat.

At a ceremony in Tel Aviv Court last Thursday, infamous artist Yair Garbuz proclaimed“The court represents justice, Tumarkin and his art represent poeticism – the combination of the two constitutes poetic justice.”

Haha. Not funny.

You will remember Garbuz from the last election campaign; it was his remark at a campaign rally that Sephardic Jews are “idol worshipers” that probably tipped the election to Netanyahu.

But you will probably not be aware of Tumarkin’s infamous remark:

“When I see the ultra-orthodox, I understand why the Nazis murdered them in the Holocaust.”

That a man like Tumarkin would have his sculptures placed anywhere in the world–much less in Israel–is an outrage.



The Iranian Problem in Syria:

Israel Must Look After Its Own Interests

Several days ago, I wrote about the self-congratulating going on in the West on the second anniversary of the Iranian Nuclear Weapons Appeasement Agreement.  Under the heading “The lunacy of the West knows no bounds”:

With the money that the Obama Administration turned over to Iran, the Iranians have embarked on a broad offensive all over the region, taking over Iraq and parts of Syria, arming Hezbollah to the teeth, and building missile production facilities close to the Israel border in Lebanon and Syria. 


One would have to be a complete raging imbecile to really believe that the intensely militaristic Iranians have really stopped work on their nuclear weapons program. If you really believe that the thousands of centrifuges in Iranian possession are not busily whirring away refining uranium in hardened underground bunkers, allow me to sell you sunny beachfront property in Antarctica.

All of this has come to a head in the few days since I wrote these words.

First, we had the news from Qatar that the Iranians are going to build a large military base there.

Second, came the news that the Syrians are also going to let the Iranians build a large base in Syria–along with a port for the Iranian navy.

Third, we had the news that the U.S. and Russia have agreed to a ceasefire in southern Syria which essentially leaves all forces “in place.”

This latter piece of news brought rare criticism of the Trump Administration yesterday from PM Netanyahu who noted that it is all fine and good for the U.S. to look after American interests and the Russians to look after Russian interests. However, he said that what is not all fine and good is for the Americans and Russians to look after Iranian interests.

Netanyahu’s remarks have prompted numerous Israeli leaders to come out in the last 24 hours to say that it will be up to Israel to take care of the Iranian danger in Syria–that it is completely unacceptable for the Iranians to be left virtually sitting on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.

Interestingly, the White House issued a statement this morning that said that Washington is on the same page as Jerusalem and is working to stop the Iranian crescent from extending through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon to the Mediterranean.

It is unclear to your humble servant how the ceasefire in Syria is actually serving to stop the Iranians.

And, in the same breath, the White House also issued a statement declaring that the Iranians “are meeting the terms of the nuclear agreement.”


I leave it for you, dear reader, to answer that question.


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