Al Quds, We Are Coming!

30 Sivan 5777

24 June 2017


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror continues unabated . . .

Largely unreported in the mainstream news is the fact that there were more than 130 Palestinian terror attacks in the last week.

The most egregious was the savage murder of Border Policewoman Hadas Malka at the Damascus Gate, but we should not forget other attacks such as the shooting at the Salem Checkpoint near Jenin, the blowing up of an IED near an IDF patrol at Al-Khader, policemen wounded on the Temple Mount, an attempted stabbing at an IDF observation point at Adam, a soldier wounded at Beit Ummar, and tens of “rocks” and Molotov attacks from one end of Judea and Samaria to the other.

The strange case of Defense Minister Lieberman . . .

There was a time not so long ago when Lieberman was regarded as a military hawk vis a vis the Palestinians, but in the last year, he has dangerously flipped to the other side.

Just in the last week, we have had the story of Qalqilya and the proposed transfer of territory in Area C to Area A–from Israeli control to Palestinian control. It increasingly appears that Lieberman was one of the architects of this half-baked scheme.

Fortunately, this dangerous transfer seems to have been thwarted for the moment by Naftali Bennett of the Jewish Home Party and other conservative members of Netanyahu’s Likud Party.

Nevertheless, Lieberman continued his slide into the abyss yesterday suggesting in a cabinet meeting that Israel should consider absorbing Palestinian “refugees” from Lebanon and Syria.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Fortunately, it was Bennett again who stood to oppose Lieberman: “. . . this is a grave mistake, and we will not allow it . . . descendants of Palestinians will not cross the Jordan River into the territory of the Land of Israel. Bringing millions of descendants of Palestinian refugees to Judea and Samaria will destroy the Jewish majority we have achieved between the sea and the Jordan River.”

Bennett went on to say:  “The descendants of the refugees who live in Lebanon, who will become citizens there, living in Egypt or Jordan, who will become citizens there. I will remind you: in the War of Independence, 650,000 Jewish refugees were expelled from Arab countries, and they came to Israel and immediately became citizens of Israel, of course. The problem of the descendants of the Palestinian refugees will be solved in their place of residence in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq, not between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.”

Thank G_d for Bennett’s voice of sanity in the Netanyahu government.

But the question remains, “what has happened to Lieberman?”

The Palestinians, duplicitous as always . . .

The issue of Palestinian”salary” payments to Palestinian terrorists in prison as well as to the families of dead terrorists is already threatening to derail or at least severely slow down the nascent “peace process” initiated by President Trump.

Apparently, Trump emissaries Greenblatt and Kushner received the cold shoulder in Ramallah last week when they raised the issue of payments. When they demanded that such payments stop, the meeting devolved into a stony silence.

However, a Palestinian insider revealed today that Mahmoud Abbas intends to do an end run by dismantling the PLO’s Prisoners’ Authority and creating a separate “non-PLO” entity (perhaps based in Jordan) to continue the payments.

The idea that the Palestinians will ever stop making such payments is delusional in the extreme.

The Al-Jazeera canard . . .

One of the demands of  Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt is that Qatar completely close down the Al-Jazeera television network if it wants to have the new embargo on it lifted.

Yesterday, the director of Al-Jazeera blathered this: “Any call to shut down or reduce Al-Jazeera’s activity is an attempt to silence democracy in the region.”

What a joke.

Al-Jazeera is nothing more than a mouthpiece for extremist Muslim propaganda. The way that Al-Jazeera supported the Muslim-Brotherhood Mohammed Morsi in Egypt, the way that Al-Jazeera has sought to undermine other Gulf countries, the way that Al-Jazeera waged war with Israel during our 2014 war with Hamas–all of these actions speak to that extremism.

For Al-Jazeera to claim that closing it down would silence democracy in the region is a gigantic load of horse manure.



Al Quds, We Are Coming!

Iran Pushes Hezbollah Toward War With Israel

Sometimes pictures speak volumes. First take a look at this picture from almost ten years ago:

Note the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, with the outstretched hand.

Note the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, with the outstretched hand. The flags of Lebanon and Hezbollah fly overhead.

Now take a look at this picture that was made on Tuesday:

Who's on the banner these days?

Who’s on the banner these days?

This newest Hezbollah banner (note the Hezbollah flags flying on each side) featuring the Ayatollah Khomeini was put up directly across from Metulla on the Israel-Lebanon border. Against the backdrop of the Kipat HaSela (aka the Dome of the Rock), it displays an armed Hezbollah fighter with the caption “Al-Quds, We’re Coming!”  

This caption of course is the standard Islamic battle cry (minus the Al-Quds) originally made some 1300 years ago when the Muslims under Mohammed massacred Jews at the Battle of Khaybar. “Al-Quds” (Jerusalem) was added by Khomeini when he took power in Iran.

Since Tuesday, daily demonstrations have been taking place at the spot featuring dozens of Hezbollah members waving flags and chanting slogans condemning Israel. And all of this has been happening in the midst of increasing bellicose statements from Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut. Just yesterday, Hezbollah proclaimed that it would easily defeat Israel in “the next war.”

Not coincidentally, Hossein al-Islam, the chief adviser to the Iranian Foreign Minister (remember who signed that disastrous agreement with John Kerry and Barack Obama), declared yesterday: “There is no compromise on Jerusalem; Iran and the Palestinian resistance will not give up until Palestine is liberated and Israel is destroyed.”

Of course, all of this bellicosity has not been lost on the IDF which has strengthened our forces along the Lebanese border in recent months, or the IAF whose head said yesterday that what took Israel 34 days to do during the last war with Hezbollah would only take 48 hours should another war breakout.

Yet the rest of the world is asleep, and UNIFIL is as complicit as ever in Hezbollah’s actions on the border. Earlier this week Israel Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon gave the Security Council information about Hezbollah deploying new observation posts along the border in breach of the ceasefire that exists. Lebanese representatives responded that Hezbollah was merely “planting trees.”

And as for UNIFIL, which is apparently blind and deaf to what has been happening at Metulla announced yesterday that it had found no breach of the ceasefire.

And so, we creep ever so closer to war with Iran and Hezbollah.


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