It Was A Great Day!

Nissan 28, 5777

April 24, 2017


Yom Hashoah began last night at sundown. There were numerous ceremonies throughout the country that recalled the horrors of the Holocaust. This morning, all of Israel came to a halt for two minutes as sirens blared from Rosh Hanikra in the north to Eilat in the south. Israelstreet humbly suggests that you take two minutes today to stand silently and remember.


The News on the Israel Street Today

Palestinian terror never stops . . .

Your humble servant did not publish a blog on Saturday and Sunday as he led marches ¬†and programmed for Israel–more on this below in today’s blog.

Since Saturday morning, there have been more than 75 Palestinian attempts to kill Israeli children, women, and men.

5 Israelis have been stabbed: a female soldier at the Qalandiya checkpoint, and four civilians in Tel Aviv.

The terrorist at Qalandiya was a 41 year old mother of nine; in Tel Aviv, the terrorist was an 18 year old Palestinian from Shechem who had been brought into Israel by the left wing NGO Natural Peace Tour in order to enjoy a day in Tel Aviv.

10 other civilians have been wounded in attacks. Two had to be hospitalized: a motorist who was attacked near Deir Nizam, and a bus passenger who was hit with a “rock” near Hizma. Numerous others have been treated for trauma.

3 policeman have been wounded: one in Shuafat, and another in Issawiya, and yet another in Silwan.

Other “rock” and Molotov attacks occurred at Beit Horon, on Route 443, Malik, on Route 45 near the Atarot Junction, north of Kochav Hashahar, Carmela, Tekoa, Ofra, El Moyer, El Bireh, Sinjil, Shilo, Ma’ale Levona, between Husan and Al-Khader, near the Dor Alon Gas Station in Binyamin, Qadum, Hevron, Silwan, Urif, Yitzhar, Biddu, and Tarquimiya to name a few.

The Har Bracha community in Samaria was nearly infiltrated by terrorists who abandoned the attempt when they were spotted by an IDF patrol.


It Was A Great Day!

Just when you begin to feel depressed, you need to get out of your bubble to support Israel. It is very easy to read and watch the news everyday and get the impression that the situation is becoming increasingly perilous for Israel.

Nowhere is this supposedly more so than on American college and university campuses. And it is true that on campus after campus, the political machinery of student governments has been taken over by Palestinians or Palestinian supporters–primarily the so-called “Students for Justice in Palestine.”

And so it always with some trepidation that we on my “Israel Matters” committee undertake our annual appearance in our local University of California, Davis Picnic Day Parade. It is parade wholly organized by UCD students and features more than 75 entries from the campus and community. On Picnic Day, we all line up and walk with marching bands, campus clubs, veterans groups, animal groups (horse clubs, SPCA, etc), 4-H clubs, FFA (Future Farmers of America), and numerous other organizations.

The trepidation that we feel is because we know that the UCD campus is no different than all the others–and that the news coming out of it is not favorable to Israel. We always anticipate that we will not be received warmly along the parade route which runs through the heart of the campus and the heart of the city and is lined with about 50,000 people.

And every year, all of our trepidation and anticipation is proven false.

In a big way.

This year was no different. All along the way as we waved our Israeli flags we were applauded and encouraged by shouts of “Yea Israel!” Applauded and encouraged by people of all ethnicities, Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and, and, and.

It was yet another heartwarming affirmation of the support that Israel has a support that is widespread but often not made public. When given the chance, people express it.

Your humble servant suggests that the next time you find the situation depressing, get out and do something positive for Israel.

You will be exhilarated and uplifted.

Here are some pictures of our group:

The lead part of our group carrying our banner.

The lead part of our group carrying our banner.

A picture of one side of our Israel Matters haywagon:

Cheering for Israel!

Cheering for Israel!

The other side:

We were a happy group of about 30 Israel supporters including Jews and Christians!

We were a happy group of about 30 Israel supporters including Jews and Christians!

It was a great day!

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