The Demographic Canard Revisited, Again

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The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror never stops . . .

The last three days have seen more than 90 terror attacks.

There were two attempted stabbings. Late yesterday afternoon, a female terrorist waving a knife rushed Border Guards at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. No Israelis were wounded; the terrorist was shot and killed. On Friday, two knife-armed terrorists were captured in Hevron while on their way to an attack.

As always there have been a rash of “rock” and Molotov attacks targeting civilians at such locations as Tekoa, the Mt. of Olives, the Jerusalem-Ma’ale Adumim Road, Issawiya, the Avraham Avinu neighborhood of Hevron, the Gush Etzion Road near Jerusalem, Road 443 near the Maccabim Checkpoint, on Route 5 near the Giti Avisar intersection, Elon Moreh, Laban al-Sharqiya, Talmon, Neve Daniel, and numerous other places.

Similarly, attacks have been directed at IDF soldiers and police in Hevron, Issawiya, Qalqiliya, Beita, Shechem, Silwad, A-Tur, Beit Ummar, El Moyer (soldier wounded in the face), the entrance to Jericho, Nabi Saleh, Binyamin, Qadum, Qalandiya, A-Ram, Silwan, A-Tur, and Umm Reihan to name a few places.

Giving money to terrorists promotes peace . . .

Yes, you read that correctly. The PLO has issued a document that absurdly claims that by paying salaries to its terrorist murderers and their families, those terrorist murderers and their families are being discouraged from becoming IS terrorists.

Say what?

Yes, that is the new spiel that is now being used to encourage the idiots in the European Union to continue funding Palestinians murderers and their families to the tune of $150 million per year.

What’s the best city in the world?

If you ask Conde Nast Traveler magazine, the answer is Tel Aviv-Yafo. Chosen by some 14,000 readers, Tel Aviv bested such perennial choices as New York, Madrid, London, and Paris.

In accepting the award, Tel Aviv Mayor Mayor Ron Huldai had this to say: “Tel Aviv-Yafo is proud to host many prestigious tourist sites and is an innovative metropolis combining urban quality, spectacular beaches, and unique culinary qualities alongside an extraordinary human-cultural mosaic. People in the world are overwhelmed by its charm.”

Congratulations to Tel Aviv!



The Demographic Canard Revisited, Again

One of the most persistent canards that enters into virtually every discussion of Israel is the demographic canard. The canard takes various forms but is constant in one respect. In each iteration, “leftists” always trot out the argument that the Arab population is increasing rapidly vis a vis the Jewish population.

It is absolutely flabbergasting that this canard still has legs after all these years.

Take a look at the following statistics which were released this past week by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics. These statistics cover the Jewish and Arab population Israel between 2004 and 2015 (2016 numbers are not available yet). Take a look and tell me what you see:birthstats

As you can see, the total number of live births in Israel in 2015 was 178,723.

Of this number, the total number of Jewish births was 132,220; the total number of Arab births was 41,016.

Now take a look at 2004.

The total number of Jewish births was 100,062 whereas the total number of Arab births was 40,850.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the obvious contrast in the two years.  The number of Jewish births increased by some 32,000 babies. The number of Arab births increased by 166 babies.

And what you obviously see is that the number of Jewish births has steadily increased while the number of Arab births has remained remarkably constant.

Where is the rapidly increasing Arab population? Where is the decreasing Jewish population? Nowhere to be seen in Israel.

You might remember these numbers the next time you encounter the population canard.


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