Another Incredible Ruling From An Israeli Court

Nissan 22, 5777

April 18, 2017

The News on the Israel Street Today

Palestinian terror continues apace . . .

The Israeli citizens living in Area C of Judea and Samaria are the people that the media has forgotten. Every day they endure withering attacks to kill them with no acknowledgement of the fact from the Israeli media and government. Obviously, if the Israeli media doesn’t report on their plight neither does the international media.

Yesterday there were another 40+ attacks targeting men, women, and children.

At the Pharmacy Checkpoint near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron, two terrorists on their way to carry out stabbing attacks were captured. 

Where else did rock, Molotov, and IED attacks occur? A short list: Beit Sira, Jedidya, Tekoa, Rafa, Beituniya, Abu Dis, Efrat, Psagot, Nabi Salah, Qalandiya, Rachel’s Tomb, Silwad, Hizma, Ramallah, Khader, Beit Ummar, Al Mu’ayyir, Beit Rima, Anata, and Wadi Hermiya. 

Not a word about any of these assaults was reported in the mainstream media.

A New York Times “addendum” . . .

Yesterday, your humble servant wrote this about the fraudulent op-ed letter that the newspaper published from arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti who is leading a hunger strike of Palestinian terrorists incarcerated in Israeli prisons:

“Barghouti is in Israeli prison serving 5 life sentences for his role in the murders of civilians in attacks at Ma’ale Adumin, Givat Ze’ev, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem (a car bombing). You would never know any of this if you read the incredibly fraudulent letter today that Barghouti had published by the incredibly fraudulent, pro-Palestinian New York Times–at the end of which the Times identifies Barghouti as a ‘Palestinian leader and parliamentarian.'”

Today, following intense pressure from all quarters, the Times saw fit to add the information that Barghouti is imprisoned for terror offenses.

The bottom line is that the New York Times is a pathetic excuse for a newspaper that lacks all integrity and credibility.

The losses mount in Syria . . .

The Syrian news agency AKI reported today that:

*between 750,000 and 1,000,000 Syrian civilians have been killed in the ongoing war.

*150,000 soldiers fighting for Assad have been killed including 7,000 Hezbollah fighters, and 43,000 others from various foreign entities such as Iran. Hardest hit among the Syrian fighters have been those from the Alawite sect to which Assad belongs. AKI reports that “an entire generation” of Alawite young men has been wiped out.

The Israeli “Left” continues to thrash about . . .

We are approaching the two-year anniversary of the formation of the current Netanyahu Coalition government (the government was actually formed on May 6, 2015 following the election in March of that year).

From the outset, all we heard from the Left was how the government was doomed to failure and would not last a month. That prediction was changed to three months, then six months, then one year, then . . . you get the idea.

The Left still cannot find any traction among the electorate. Isaac Herzog’s latest gambit was announced yesterday when he said: “I will work to establish a central bloc that loves the country regardless of religion, race or gender . . . We are one people, all the tribes of Israel, with one country, one state, the same faith and prayer and a bookcase and a table and common sounds, the same concerns and shared fate.”

A “central” bloc? What a joke. One people? Not according to the Left. The Sephardic in this country will not soon forget the assault that Herzog and his cronies made on those of Sephardic ancestry in the last election campaign. 

By the way, according to a poll released yesterday by the Marketest Institute, 65% of the Israeli public does not want new elections any time soon.


Today’s Blog:

Another Incredible Ruling From An Israeli Court

Regular readers of this blog know that your humble servant regularly rails against the increasingly lenient and “progressive” Israeli judicial system which releases murderers onto the street after short sentences where they then proceed to kill more Israelis (or others, such as Hannah Bladon, the British student stabbed to death last week).

One of the worst of these courts is the Military Court of Samaria. Your first reaction is probably: “What? Why would the Military Court be lenient?” The answer is simple. As we saw in the recent Elor Azariya trial, the IDF judicial system–from prosecutors to judges–is almost totally populated by “leftists.”

This morning we have yet another unbelievable sentence handed down.

The Court has sentenced Nawaf Oudeh, the terrorist who murdered Ben Yosef Livnat at Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem in 2011, to a mere six years in prison. He had been found guilty three months ago.

Six years for murder.

During the trial it was shown that Oudeh intentionally fired bullets at the Jewish worshipers at the Tomb. However, the judges ruled that Oudeh did not intentionally mean to kill Livnat.

Here’s a description of the judicial finding from the Ha’aretz newspaper back in January:

“The judge, Col. Sharon Rivlin-Ahai, ruled that while the prosecution’s claim that the body of evidence led to only one conclusion, that the shots fired by Oudeh at the car in question are what killed the deceased, she found the defense’s claim reasonable that this had not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Are you following this?

Oudeh meant to kill as many Jews as he could, but he did not mean to kill Livnat specifically. 


Six years from now, Oudeh will be released from prison, and he will kill more Israelis. Their blood will be on the hands of the judges of the Samaria Military Court. 


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