Another Avoidable Tragedy in Jerusalem Today

Nissan 18, 5777

April 14, 2017

The News on the Israel Street Today

Palestinian terror continues apace . . .

The last 24 hours have seen numerous terror attacks.

In the most egregious (see today’s blog), a 23-year-old British Christian tourist was stabbed to death on the Jerusalem Light Rail train near Safra Square just after noon. 

Other civilians were assaulted at Kiryat Arba, El Arub (a bus was attacked), El Khader, near the A-Zaim checkpoint (2 passengers in a car were wounded), Beitar Illit, and Efrat.

In still other attacks, Israeli police and soldiers were attacked with “rocks” and Molotovs at such places as Qadum, Ni’lin, Deir Jarir, Tekoa, Abu Dis, and Ras-al Amud (a policeman was wounded).

Yet another Shalit terrorist re-arrested . . .

In what can only be described as an ongoing saga, another terrorist who was released in the 2011 Gilad Shalit exchange has been captured and arrested yesterday in connection with another crime.

At least the crime this time was property theft and not attempted murder.

But we are beginning to lose track of the sheer number of terrorists who have come back to plague Israel following their “Shalit” release.


Another Avoidable Tragedy in Jerusalem Today

A 23-year-old British student who was visiting Israel was murdered today on the Jerusalem Light Rail train as the train passed the Jerusalem Municipality buildings in the direction of the Central Bus Station.

A Christian, the student (whose name has not been revealed) was in Israel to celebrate Easter. Specifically she was in Jerusalem to celebrate Palm Sunday.

She was brutally stabbed to death.  

Why was she chosen? Simply because she happened to be sitting beside the terrorist who got on the train at the Damascus Gate.

In the ensuing melee in which the murderer was captured by a policewoman and bystanders, a pregnant woman and a male bystander were also injured.

All of this was horrible enough, but adding to the horror is the knowledge that this should have never happened.

In the first place, the murderer is 57-year-old Jamil Tamimi, a Palestinian resident of the Ras Al-Amud neighborhood, and a member of the extensive Tamimi family that has carried out numerous attacks over the years.

In Jamimi’s case, he has a long history of terrorist and criminal acts. Back in 2011, he was even sent to prison for sexually attacking his own daughter.

Why in the world was this animal out on the street?

Simply because the lenient “progressive” Israeli judicial system let him out of prison.


But if all of this wasn’t bad enough, a second factor about the post-stabbing melee was pointed out late this afternoon by Meir Indor who is the head of the Almagor Organization that consists of bereaved families whose family members have been killed by terrorists.

Indor blasted Jerusalem Police nonaction:

“The terrorist who murdered the young woman today was wearing a protective belt of police officers–graduates of the ‘Elor Azariya’ course. A security guard who suspected that Tamimi had another knife and wanted to shoot him was ordered not to shoot by police officers. 

All of them learned their lessons from B’Tselem and the Israeli legal system which tried Azariya. Soon the terrorist will also be released from prison on the pretext of insanity; already a senior police officer is minimizing the severity of the incident by commenting that the terrorist is ‘mentally ill.’

But none of this can cover the security failure of the Jerusalem police who have made the lives of light rail passengers a roulette game . . .Why is there no inspection of Palestinian passengers on the light rail? Why can they board the train without a magnometer? Why is the light train that carries tens of thousands of passengers every hour and stops in Arab neighborhoods not obligated to carry out the inspection, as is done at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station?”

None of these questions can be answered by a security establishment gone terribly wrong.

Addendum: One last note. Here were the news blurbs that appeared about the incident on Britain’s Sky News and BBC–do you notice anything missing?



What’s missing of course is any mention that the murderer is a Palestinian terrorist.


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