“The Only Noise You Hear Is Your Espresso Machine”

Adar 11, 5777

March 9, 2017

The News on the Street in Israel

The IDF closes down Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza crossings . . .

In advance of Purim, the IDF announced this morning that a general closure will take place beginning tomorrow (Friday) night at midnight, and will continue until the end of the holiday. Of course, all of the above will be open for “humanitarian” cases as determined by COGAT.

Guess what the most popular Purim costume is for kids in Israel this year? . . .

Not Esther, not Mordechai, but Elor Azariya. Little army uniforms have been flying off the shelves.

The "costumes" come complete with posters. This one reads:

The “costumes” come complete with posters. This one reads: “A soldier sent to the field cannot be a murderer.”

The New Israel Fund gets even more serious about getting rid of Netanyahu . . .

What they could not accomplish by spending millions of shekels in the last election, they are trying to accomplish now by encouraging an indictment of the Prime Minister. The move to indict is being spearheaded by the NGO “Move.”

Yesterday, “Move” protested in front of the home of Attorney General Mandelblit carrying signs that read:  “Mandelblit – bodyguard of Netanyahu.” The protests call for Mandelblit to recuse himself from all investigations surrounding Netanyahu.

Last year “Move” received $175,000 from the New Israel Fund.

Another violent day out in the wild west of Judea and Samaria . . .

Tens of “rock” and Molotov attacks have targeted Israeli civilians. The worst attack occurred near Yitzhar where a mother who was driving a car with children in the back seat nearly lost control of her car when her windshield was smashed by a “rock.”

After the attack, the mother regained control of the car and managed to get to an IDF checkpoint.

After the attack, the mother regained control of the car and managed to get to an IDF checkpoint.

What you cannot see in this picture is that another “rock” came through a back passenger window. One of the children saw it coming and dodged; the rock landed in her seat.

The Kinneret continues to dry out . . .

The combination of excessive pumping (which finally stopped last month) and little rain has taken the water level in the Kinneret to 16 cm below the lower red line. This is the lowest the lake has been in more than a decade.

Note that the above paragraph mentions the “lower red line.” When authorities begin to worry is when the lake level drops below the “upper red line”–and at the moment, the Kinneret is 4.36 meters below that line.

Talk about a useless study . . .

Hold your breath . . . can you believe that the majority of airlines operating in the Middle East do not show maps that have “Israel” on them?

Astonishing? Shocking?

A University of Minnesota study published in the Economist shows that the airlines of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, etc don’t have Israel on their maps. Even our “good friends Egypt and Jordan don’t have Israel on their maps.

The only thing that is astonishing and shocking is that anyone spent any money or time to research the obvious.

Oh by the way, guess what?

All of the above airlines do not offer kosher meals either.


“The Only Noise You Hear Is Your Espresso Machine”

Yesterday, the Knesset passed the first reading of the so-called “Muezzine Law”. The purpose of the law is to limit the loudness of the muezzine calls to prayer that occur in mosques adjacent to Jewish neighborhoods. Residents have long complained that calls that take place late in the evening or extremely early in the morning make it impossible to sleep. By the way, the law also applies to Jewish synagogues that sound a loud siren every Friday just before Shabbat begins.

In any case, it is a long overdue law that would make everyone’s lives much better.

But as we all know there is no end to political pandering.

And the first panderer in line yesterday was Yair Lapid who is considered the most likely opponent of Netanyahu in the next election. As such he is pandering to everyone. Yesterday, he pandered to Israeli Arabs when he said that he was extremely disturbed because the “muezzine” law discriminates against Muslims.

Of course, that was pure hogwash.

But Culture Minister, Likud party member, and Netanyahu supporter Miri Regev had a funny answer to Lapid.

With reference to the fact that Lapid lives in an area unaffected by muezzines, she joked: “The only noise you hear in the morning Yair is the sound of your espresso machine.”

How true.

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