The Unbelievably Pathetic Number of Jews Permitted on the Temple Mount

Nissan 24, 5777

April 20, 2017

The News on the Israel Street Today

Palestinian terror never stops . . .

As you already know, Israel admits tens of Palestinians from Gaza into the country everyday for medical treatment. Some of the prime “treatees” are members of Hamas leaders’ families who are regularly treated at hospitals in Israel.

Two sisters arrived at the Erez Crossing yesterday with permits to enter Israel for cancer treatment. However, as they passed through a checkpoint, alert security guards discovered that “medical tubes” they were carrying with them were actually loaded with explosives which the sisters were going to give to terrorists in Israel.

The hand of Obama is seen again . . .

Regular readers of israelstreet remember how in the midst of the last war with Gaza, President Obama refused to ship precision ordinance to Israel to replace what had already been used. In fact, he not only refused to resupply Israel, but publicly scolded those in the Defense Department who had attempted to do so.

Two days ago, PM Netanyahu revealed to a Knesset panel that it was none other than President Obama who “requested” that Netanyahu not send Israeli ground forces into Gaza to wipe out Hamas. As we all know, a “request” from the American president is usually viewed as an “order” here in Israel–especially by Netanyahu.

And so, Israel only marginally invaded Gaza and left our troops in exposed holding areas where they were easy targets for Palestinian terrorists firing mortars and Qassams. Who knows how many Israelis were killed because of Obama’s “request”–and Netanyahu’s acceding to it?

Netanyahu and Kahlon are at war again . . .

This time the issue is the new budget. Kahlon blindsided Netanyahu on Tuesday with a new budget plan that includes many items that the Israeli middle class finds very appealing:

*an elimination of import taxes on cellphones, baby clothes, and shoes

*an increase in “work grants” to couples which have at least two children and in which both wife and husband work; the grant increases according to the number of children in the family. For example, a family with three or more children will receive almost 2000 shekels a month.

*a reduction in the cost of after-school day care for children of working parents

*an increase in the income tax deduction available for working parents

So what could Netanyahu possibly find fault with in this group of recommendations? Actually nothing (except the fact that Kahlon excluded him from the decision-making process). However, this morning, Likud is attacking Kahlon because the budget does not do enough to help “poor and disabled” Israelis.



The Unbelievably Pathetic Number of Jews

Permitted on the Temple Mount

Who’s kidding whom about the Temple Mount? . . .

On the face of things, the statistics given out this week were very promising. According to authorities there was a 35% increase in the number of Jews “visiting” the Temple Mount during the Passover holiday.

Wow! 35%! We should be so happy!!

Not really.

What was the total number? 1300 Jews in 7 days. A lousy 185 per day.

There are are more than 6,200,000 Jews in Israel and only 1300 were allowed to go to the holiest place in Judaism during Passover.

The number is unbelievably pathetic.

By the way, no Jews were permitted to go to Judaism’s second holiest place, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron, during the holiday.





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