Remembering Yoni

16 Tammuz 5777

10 July 2017


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian Terror in the last 24 hours . . .

A thwarted stabbing attack, an IED assault on our soldiers, and numerous “rock” and Molotov attacks: it has been a typical 24 hours here in Israel. None of these terror attacks were reported in the international media.

To begin with a stabbing attack was thwarted on the Jerusalem Light Rail yesterday when alert security guards spotted a Palestinian terrorist armed with a knife.

The knife taken from the terrorist in Jerusalem yesterday.

The knife taken from the terrorist in Jerusalem yesterday.

An IDF patrol was hit with IEDs thrown by Palestinian terrorists at Abu Dis.

“Rock” and Molotov attacks took place all over Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem at such places as Hevron, Hizma, Gush Etzion, Silwan, Tekoa, and Road 443.

Early this morning, two Palestinian terrorists were captured while trying to infiltrate Israel across the Gaza border fence.

Two pieces of news from the Ministerial Committee on Legislation . . .

Remember that this is the committee that must approve legislation before it can be sent to the Knesset for three readings.

The proposed “United Jerusalem Law” did not make it to the Committee at all yesterday. It was withdrawn at the last minute at the request of the ultra-orthodox United Torah Judaism party in the Coalition. UTJ said that it needed one more week to think about the Law that would require 80 Knesset members to divide the capital in future negotiations.

The proposed Basic Law on the Judiciary, which would make it impossible for the Supreme Court to revoke laws enacted by the Knesset, will supposedly be brought before the Committee next Sunday.

It is being submitted by Motti Yogev of the Jewish Home Party who said yesterday: ” . . . the court has turned itself into a constitution, a legislator, and a policy maker, with clear political biases. We will not stop and rest until we pass the bill in one way or another.”

Israelstreet could not agree more or support Yogev more strongly.

Bennett and Hanegbi ride to the rescue . . .

Both Naftali Bennett and Tzahi Hanegbi both came out strongly yesterday against any proposed swap of Palestinian terrorists for the body parts of Israeli soldiers or for the three Israelis who entered Gaza of their own accord (see yesterday’s blog).

Hanegbi’s denunciation of the proposed exchange was important because he is not only considered a “centrist” in the coalition, but also because he is considered a close friend of Netanyahu.

Moving government entities to Jerusalem . . .

If you can believe this, there are still numerous national government departments that are located in Tel Aviv.

To be more specific, the government decided earlier this year to move 100 of these entities to Jerusalem by the year 2019. Yesterday, we discovered that this is not going to happen. According to Ze’ev Elkin, the Minister for Jerusalem, only 9 out of the 100 will make the move by then.

Appalled by Elkin’s revelation, PM Netanyahu ordered the moves expedited.

How far to the “left” are Israeli television channels? . . .

We have already discussed many times on israelstreet how the worst news channel on Israeli TV is Channel 10 which carries on a nonstop campaign to undermine PM Netanyahu and smear his wife.

But all of the Israeli main television channels have a “leftist” agenda.

Yesterday, Channel 2 actually ran this headline concerning the hideous decision of UNESCO concerning Hevron:

“Rage on the right about UNESCO’s decision”

Rage on the right? It is fair to say that most Israelis–except for the leftists on Channels 2, 10 and elsewhere–were outraged by the UNESCO decision.

About the so-called “Black List” of Diaspora Rabbis . . .

It was suddenly news yesterday that the Chief Rabbinate of Israel has drawn up a list of some 160 rabbis from around the world whose conversions of people to Judaism will not be recognized here in Israel for the purposes of aliya or marriage.

Most of the rabbis were Reform and Conservative Rabbis from the United States.

Of course, this should not be considered news at all. Ultra-orthodox Jews do not consider Reform and Conservative Jews to be Jews. It should go without saying that every conversion performed by every Reform and Conservative rabbi no matter where they are in the world will not be recognized by the Rabbinate here.



Remembering Yoni

(Graphic: the Picta)

(Graphic: the Picta)

The Netanyahu family had a sad but proud day yesterday remembering Yonatan (Yoni) Netanyahu. The Prime Minister’s family, wife Sarah, and sons Yair and Avner were at the cemetery on Mt. Herzl as were Yoni’s other brother Iddo and his family.

(Picture: Amos Ben Gershom)

A forlorn Netanyahu at the grave of his brother (Picture: Amos Ben Gershom)

In addition, the memorial ceremony was attended by Ministers in the government as well as past and present commanders of the Israel Defense Forces.

Of course we all remember how Yoni was killed while leading the Sayeret Matkal commandos in the operation to free the hostages at Entebbe.

But Maj. Gen. Amiram Levin remembered much more than that yesterday:

“His soldiers loved and admired him. We, the officers and the commanders, appreciated him very much. Yoni took command of the Sayeret Matkal commando unit in 1975, after he proved himself and excelled in battles in the Golan Heights during the Yom Kippur War, when he courageously and courageously led the unit’s assault on a Syrian commando force that landed near Nafah.

He led the unit to rescue Yossi Ben Hanan*, who had been wounded in Banias, by advancing and steering artillery forces, and placing them within range of the fire to Damascus–as always, with courage and cool headedness. He was always at the head of his soldiers.

He was experienced and confident as a commander and natural leader, and in his personal life he was young, stormy, sensitive and poetic.”

May the memory of Yoni Netanyahu be forever blessed.


The story of Yossi Ben Hanan alluded to by Gen. Levin yesterday should also be remembered today. This account is from Wikipedia:

“During the Six Day War Ben Hanan was a young Israeli officer, a lieutenant, serving as the operations officer of the 7th Armored Brigade. He was featured on a famous cover of Life magazine after the war which showed him, as a young soldier, triumphantly clutching an AK-47 rifle while standing in the waters of the Suez Canal.

In 1973, while on his honeymoon in Nepal, then Lt. Col. Ben Hanan learned of the start of the Yom Kippur War. Over the course of a few days, he returned to Israel and arrived on the Golan Heights on about October 8, 1973. Ben Hanan participated in fierce fighting with the Syrians in holding Israeli defenses on the Heights along with then Lt. Col. Avigdor Kahalani. He was wounded, but refused to be evacuated and continued fighting.

On October 9, 1973, Ben Hanan took command of a scratch force of Israeli tanks that had been put together by Shmuel Askarov, one of the survivors of the decimated 188th Armored Brigade. Leading his command in a desperate battle against overwhelming numbers of Syrian T-62s, Ben Hanan restored the tactical situation but at the cost of most of his command and his own Centurion tank. Blown out of the turret when his tank was hit by a Sagger anti-tank missile, Ben Hanan lay wounded on the battlefield until he was rescued from behind enemy lines by Yonatan Netanyahu, a legendary member of the IDF’s elite Sayeret Matkal and brother of future Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

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