The Tragic Murder of Muhammad Karaka on the Israel Golan Heights Yesterday


It has now been 10 days since Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16 were kidnapped and last seen alive. Wherever you are, support the campaign to “Bring Back Our Boys”.

UPDATES 10 am Israel time, Monday, June 23 2014:

**The search for the three missing Israeli teenagers continues with Israeli soldiers bravely checking out every well, cistern, and tunnel in and around Hebron. Scenes of soldiers being lowered into deep caverns have gripped the nation as everyone realizes that every hole or cave could be an ambush waiting to happen.

Any one of these holes could be a death trap (picture: ynetnews).

Any one of these holes could be a death trap (picture: ynetnews).

Ironically, the IDF seems to have not known the extent of the tunnels beneath Hebron and in the surrounding areas–tunnels which seem to extend for kilometers in every direction. However, anyone who knows his or her history, will remember that Hebron was one of the focal points of the Bar Kochba revolt against the Romans in 132-135 CE. It was said that during that revolt that Jewish fighters successfully hid underground for several years in a series of tunnels and caves.

Undoubtedly, the Palestinians have extended these tunnels making it virtually impossible to search them all.  

**The vote several days ago of the U.S. Presbyterian Church to divest approximately $21 million of its funds from Motorola, Caterpillar, and Hewlett Packard has grabbed headlines around the world. Even though the vote of 310-303 (a similar vote last year failed by 2 votes), constituted only 310 anti-Israel members out of 1.8 million total members, the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) is proclaiming the vote as a major victory.

The fact is that the Presbyterian Church is in the midst of a steep and ongoing decline in the United States, and its vote will mean absolutely nothing. There is no shortage of investors for any of the three companies.

But the utter hypocrisy of the Presbyterian vote is mind-numbing. 

All three companies deserve a medal for helping save Israeli lives. Motorola supplies communications devices for the IDF; Caterpillar products are used to protect Israeli soldiers; and HP computers are used at checkpoints which prevent Palestinian terrorists from entering Israel.

The Presbyterians obviously don’t give a damn about saving Jewish lives.

And what is more they, obviously don’t give a damn about supporting Christians.

As PM Netanyahu remarked this morning:

“When the Middle East is fragmented in this horrible war, this savage, savage war between militant Shiites and militant Sunnis … the only place where you have freedom, tolerance, protection of minorities, protection of gays, protection of Christians and all other faiths is Israel. Let’s arrange a bus tour for Presbyterians in the region. Let them go to maybe Syria, Lebanon, Iraq. And my only suggestion for them is to make it in an armor-plated bus.”


The attack from Syria yesterday which resulted in the tragic murder of 13-year-old Israeli teenager Muhammad Karaka from the Galilee village of Arraba has resonated across the Israeli Golan Heights overnight.

Described as a kind, gentle boy, Muhammad planned to become a doctor (photo source on picture).

Described as a kind, gentle boy, Muhammad planned to become a doctor (photo source on picture).

Even here in Ashdod we heard several waves of heavy bombers take off around 3 am on their way to nine bombing runs on Syrian positions.

Karaka’s death was particularly poignant insofar as he was on the first day of summer vacation and was persuaded by his father to join him on his daily trip down the Syrian border fence to supply water in an IDF maintenance vehicle. That vehicle was hit by an anti-tank missile fired from the Syrian side.

Note the sites of yesterday's attack on the Israel Golan Heights--and the Turaibil Crossing between Iraq and Jordan.

Note the sites of yesterday’s attack on the Israel Golan Heights–and the Turaibil Crossing between Iraq and Jordan captured yesterday by ISIS.

The incident further emphasizes how fragile the borders in the Middle East have become, a fact underscored this morning by the ISIS capture of Iraqi border checkpoints leading into both Syria and Jordan (Turaibil). The Jordanians have announced that, in response, army units are being moved immediately into the area along the Iraqi border. Of course, the ISIS goal is to create a Sunni Muslim caliphate that extends from Iraq to Lebanon encompassing parts of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq.

This goal does not seem as far-fetched as it once did.

(Image source:

(Image source:

Undoubtedly, ISIS would like to include Sunni Israeli-Arabs as well as Sunni Palestinians. Watch for this group to begin to form support groups in the Palestinian Autonomous areas in the coming months.

As we close this blog today, we offer our condolences to the family of Muhammad Baraka–may he rest in peace.

PS. The next time you invest in stock, choose Motorola, Caterpillar, and Hewlett Packard!


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