Israeli PTSD, Turkish Flatulence, A U.N. Joke, Rabin Revisionism

UPDATES: 10 am Israel time, Wednesday, September 10 2014:

**During and after the war with Hamas, the number of patients being treated for PTSD in the communites around Gaza has multiplied tenfold.


More than half the children of Sderot, for example, were already being treated for PTSD. Whole communities are now shell-shocked.

**Turkey’s energy minister Tanner Ildiz blathered yesterday that there is virtually no chance that Turkey will agree to buy natural gas from Israel because of “the human tragedy in Gaza.”

All your humble servant can say is “good riddance.”

Whatever “human tragedy” happened in Gaza happened because of Hamas.

**Do you want to hear the latest joke?

Secretary Ban Ki-Moon finally agrees to set up an “independent” committee to investigate what actually happened in the UNRWA schools in Gaza in which Hamas stored missiles, from which Hamas launched missiles, and into which Hamas fired missiles.

And whom does he choose to establish the committee?

The committee that will handle the investigation will be set up by the egregiously anti-Israel U.N. Human Rights Council. 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You should have just laughed yourself right out of your chair.


History is a troublesome commodity. Some people never know it; some people forget it; others willfully ignore it; and still others attempt to revise it.

Yuval Rabin was in the latter category yesterday as he attempted to defend his father’s legacy by revising history.

The widespread view here in Israel today is that because of  Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres’ malevolent embrace of the PLO in the so-called Oslo “Peace” Process, those two men were directly responsible for more than 1000 Israeli children, women, and men being blown to pieces in more than 160 bombings that stretched from 1993 through 2007.

It was this view that Yuval Rabin attacked yesterday:

“Any attempt to link the thousand or so deaths to Oslo is outrageous in my opinion.”

To hear Rabin revise history, it was not Oslo that caused the bombings to begin but Baruch Goldstein’s February 25, 1994 attack at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron which left 29 Arabs dead.

However, a cursory look at history reveals just how fraudulent Rabin’s revision is.

It was on September 9, 1993 that Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres signed “Mutual Letters of Recognition with Yasser Arafat. The Olso Accords were then infamously signed in Washington, D.C. four days later on September 13, 1993.

The first major Palestinian terrorist bombing occurred exactly 20 days later on October 4, 1993. In that bombing, Hamas member Sulayman Idan detonated an explosives-laden car beside a bus on the 173 line beside Beit El. 29 Israelis were wounded, some seriously. Miraculously, no one was killed.

Goldstein’s attack did not occur until more than three and a half months later.


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