The “Poor” Palestinians: Back To Being The Stars of the Show

1 Av 5777

24 July 2017


The News on the Israel Street

The butchery at Halamish . . .

A member of Zaka scraping the blood of the Salomons off of the floor. Zaka volunteers come to such scenes to recover human remains so that the dead can be assured a proper burial in accordance with Jewish law (photo: Jerusalem Post).

A member of ZAKA scraping the blood of the Salomons off of the floor. Zaka volunteers come to such scenes to recover human remains so that the dead can be assured a proper burial in accordance with Jewish law (photo: Jerusalem Post).

The funeral for the three slaughtered members of the Salomon family took place yesterday afternoon in Modi’in and was attended by thousands.

At the same time, the heroic story of those who were murdered emerged.

Elad and Michal Salomon. While he fought off the terrorist, she saved their 5 children. He bled to death from stab wounds.

Elad and Michal Salomon. While he fought off the terrorist, she saved their 5 children. He bled to death from stab wounds.

When the terrorist knocked on the door of the house where the Salomon family was celebrating the birth of a new grandchild, it was Chaya (the oldest sister) who answered the door.

She was immediately and repeatedly stabbed but managed to stumble outside and scream for help. Her screams were eventually what brought the soldier from next door. Chaya bled to death on the doorstep.

The terrorist, whom all report as “smiling,” immediately stabbed Tova, the grandmother. She collapsed to the floor, but survived despite massive loss of blood.

Then the terrorist jumped on Yossi, Tovah’s husband and Chaya’s father. He stabbed the grandfather repeatedly. Yossi bled to death on the floor.

By this time Michal, the daughter-in-law of Tovah and Yossi, had fled upstairs with her five children, locked her children and herself in a room, and called the police. Elad, her husband and the son of Tovah and Yossi, remained downstairs to fight with the terrorist and managed to hold him at bay until the soldier arrived.

Unfortunately, Elad bled to death on the kitchen floor before paramedics arrived.

There were calls yesterday from Defense Minister Lieberman, Education Minister Bennett, and others for the terrorist to face the death penalty. As deserved as it is in this case, it will never be implemented.

Other Palestinian terrorism in the last 24 hours . . .

Reports of terror attacks flooded in from all over Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem yesterday.

From “rock” attacks on the Abud Bypass Road northwest of Ramallah to a thwarted stabbing at Huwara, Palestinian terrorists wounded some ten Israelis.

Other points of attack included Route 443, Atarot, Qalandiya, Tarqumiya, Psagot, Zirat Gilad, the Jit Junction, Shechem, Jiftlik, Mt. Hevron, Turmus’aya, the Zif Junction, Hevron, the Hasno Junction, Kiryat Arba, Beit Hanun, Giti Avisar, Ariel, Rantiss, and Givat Assaf among other places.

The terror incident at the Israel Embassy in Amman last night . . .

The Military Censor has just permitted publication, sketchy though it is, of the terror incident beside the Israeli Embassy compound which we have known about since last night courtesy of international news networks.

Apparently, a terrorist disguised as furniture mover stabbed an Israeli security officer who in turn shot and killed the assailant. Somehow, in the ensuing melee, another Jordanian was killed.

Sea temperatures are soaring . . .

Despite the terrorism swirling around us, Israelis have flocked to Mediterranean and Red Seas this week as temperatures have soared.

But what they are finding at the beach is not only have “air” temperatures soared, so have “sea” temperatures. 

In the past three decades, temperatures in the Mediterranean have increased by 3 degrees Celsius from 28 C. (82.4 F) degrees to 31 C. (87.8) degrees. At the moment, the temperature of the Mediterranean off the coast of Ashdod (in front of my house) is 31.4 (88.5 F) degrees.

Of course, the rise in Mediterranean Sea temperature is not unique to Israel, and its devastating effect can be seen in a huge rise in the number of jellyfish in the water and corresponding loss of other marine life such as sea urchins.

Even more dramatic is what has happened at Eilat on the Red Sea where the extraordinarily deep bay has caused “icy” water temperatures that used to hover around 25 C. (77 F). Last week, the water temperature at Eilat soared to 28.6 C. (83.5)–resulting in dead fish littering the coastline and a massive die-off of coral. 

*The above information was taken from a report on



The “Poor” Palestinians:

Back To Being The Stars of the Show

Another day goes by and, shockingly, the metal detectors are still there . . .

After another prolonged 6-hour meeting last night, the Netanyahu Security Cabinet decided to . . . (hold your breath) . . . continue talking about the situation today.

Your humble servant must say that he is astonished by the fact that the metal detectors are still in place. Has the Netanyahu government finally found some backbone?

Apparently it has. For the moment at least (and this could change at any moment), Netanyahu is loathe to go against Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked for fear of being outflanked politically on the “right.”

But there is more to it than that.

The situation on the ground has changed since we wrote yesterday’s blog. With all of the latest pronouncements, even the moderates in the Cabinet are finding it difficult to remove the devices:

1. After freezing all ties with Israel yesterday, Mahmoud Abbas declared yesterday that the Palestinians “have sovereignty over Al-Aksa” and because of that, they have a right to determine what security is employed.

The Palestinians have sovereignty over Al-Aksa? Even moderate politicians in Israel these days have a hard time swallowing Abbas willy-nilly declaring Palestinian sovereignty over Al-Aksa. They all know that what Abbas really means is that the Palestinians have sovereignty over the entire Temple Mount–and even beyond in the Old City.

2. The Mufti, the Islamic Wakf, and the PLO all declared yesterday that not only will they not accept the metal detectors but also they will not accept the security cameras that have been put up. 

Not accept the security cameras? Well, there goes the moderates’ alternative to the detectors.

3. Egypt, France, and Sweden have successfully pushed for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council today on “the situation in Jerusalem.” But everyone in the Cabinet and the world knows that this session is really not about the metal detectors; it is about the delegitimization of Israel.  

What none of the internationalists ever seem to realize is that events like the Security Council meeting against Israel only serve to drive “moderates” farther to the “right.” Israelis are firm believers in the old Benjamin Franklin dictum: “If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.”

So where does this leave us? President Trump is weighing in today by sending his envoy Jason Greenblatt back to Israel. It’s hard to imagine, however, that any compromise will be forthcoming from the Palestinians. Using canards and outright frauds, they have successfully made Al-Aksa into an issue that unites the Arab world behind them.

To put it a different way, after years of playing second fiddle to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, the Palestinians are back to having a starring role. They will not relinquish that easily.

What will our Security Cabinet decide today? Stay tuned.  

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