More Devastating Than We Thought: The Temple Mount Decision

3 Av 5777

26 July 2017

The News on the Israel Street

The Temple Mount . . .

The Temple Mount continues to be what is on everyone’s mind here in Israel. Before we come to that in Today’s Blog, here is some other news:

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

More than 40 terror attacks have been reported on Israeli children, women, and men as well as on our security forces.

For example, Border Guards were attacked with IEDs at Rachel’s Tomb; an Israeli family was nearly burned alive in a Molotov attack on their car near El Khader; a “rock” assault caused an Israeli motorist to crash near Tekoa; and two Border police were wounded at Ma’ale Gur. Other terror attacks occurred at the Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem, Al-Arub, Hevron, Road 443, the road between Tekoa and Har Homa, and a myriad of other places.

The fight resumes in Hevron . . .

Last night, the “House of the Patriarchs”, a large house that was purchased by Jewish families years ago but which has remained uninhabited because of “political” reasons, was taken over by those families and their supporters.

More than 100 people from 15 families are now in the house. They are demanding that Defense Minister Lieberman issue the final approval for them to move in.

The house is called the “House of the Patriarchs” because it is in a central location between Kiryat Arba and the Cave of the Patriarchs.




Even More Devastating Than We Thought:

The Temple Mount Decision


Quotes of Yesterday following the removal of the metal detectors:

*From Turkish PM Erdogan (following a call from Israeli President Reuven Rivlin who urged Erdogan to help calm the situation):

“Zionist soldiers are trampling the Al-Aksa Mosque with their boots and are killing in the Mosque . . . I call on Muslims around the world to come to Jerusalem and defend Al-Aksa.”

*From Mahmoud Abbas Chairman of the PLO and unelected President of the Palestinians:

“We are continuing to freeze security coordination until the situation at Al-Aksa returns to what it was before the 14th of July.”

Members of  the Border Police unit that included the two Druze policemen murdered at the Lion’s Gate on July 14:

“We will not man the positions at the Gates without metal detectors.”


Whatever Benjamin Netanyahu thought was going to happen as a result of kowtowing to the Islamic Wakf, King Abdullah, and the Muslim world most assuredly has not happened.

The situation on the ground has not calmed; the Wakf and the Palestinians are demanding more concessions before Muslims return to prayer at Al-Aksa; and the Jordanians, Turks, and others are issuing more violent incitement than ever.

This despite the fact that the decision to remove the metal detectors was even more devastating than we thought. During the security cabinet meeting two nights ago, Shin Bet and the IDF General Command unbelievably argued that the only thing that would “ease Palestinian unrest” was the removal of all security devices from the Muslim-access gates to the Temple Mount.

All security devices.

Not only the metal detectors but also the security cameras that were placed around the Gates last month.

And our “Security Cabinet” agreed.

Yes, you read that correctly dear reader. Our so-called “Security Cabinet” (with the exception of Naftali Bennett, Ayelet Shaked, and Ze’ev Elkin) voted to remove all security devices from the Muslim-access Gates to the Mount.

Of course, the story being put out is that “smart cameras”–miraculous thermal imaging devices that can somehow detect armed terrorists “at a distance”– will be placed around the Old City (not on the Mount). But now we find out that these cameras (which any decent terrorist could easily avoid and disable) will not even be available for six months, if then.

And so what is supposed to fill the gap between now and whenever the “smart cameras” are available? An influx of border policemen–all of whom will be sitting ducks just like our two brave Druze policemen who were murdered.

How our so-called “Security Cabinet” could have signed on to all of this is beyond comprehension.

As we all know, Israelis rarely agree on anything, but yesterday, a poll appeared from the Migdam Organization that 77% of Israelis called the “Security Cabinet” decision on Sunday night “a surrender.” 68% said that the metal detectors should have been placed there.

Apparently in response to this poll, Netanyahu announced this morning that after consultation with “Public Security Minister” Gilad Erdan, that every person who enters the Mount will be hand-checked by a policeman.

Talk about being a target: how would you like to be a policeman at one of the gates?


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