How Do You Spell “Arrogant Hypocrisy”? Sanders, Feinstein, Wyden, Franken, Blumenthal, Cardin, Schatz

1 Tishrei 5778

21 September 2017


Picture: Bet David.

Picture: Bet David.

Celebrate! Eat apples and honey! Drink lots of wine!

It’s 5778!

 Shana Tovah and best wishes for a year of health, happiness, and prosperity!



How Do You Spell “Arrogant Hypocrisy”?

Sanders, Feinstein, Wyden, Franken, Blumenthal, Cardin, Schatz

Your humble servant is sure that we all know the definition of a “hypocrite.” In the context of Israel, a hypocrite is an arrogant non-Israeli who thinks himself or herself morally superior to we Israelis, and therefore feels that he or she has the right to tell we morally inferior Israelis what to do.

But, let’s not get mired down in definitions.

It’s New Years Day! Let’s play a game. It’s going to be multiple choice.

1. Let’s go back to March 5, 2015. How many Democratic senators refused to attend PM Netanyahu’s address to the U.S. Congress during which he talked about why the Iranian Appeasement Deal was a bad deal?

A. 8

B. 12

C. 16

Ok . . . the answer is 8. Three of these eight were: Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, and Brian Schatz.

2. Let’s try another one. On September 17, 2015, how many Democratic senators voted to block a Republican effort to reject the Iranian Appeasement Deal? (Remember that Obama only needed 34 to override a veto).

A. 16

B. 24

C. 42

Ok . . . the answer is 42. Rather than list all 42 Senators who dumped Israel in favor of Obama–here are six of them: Bernie Sanders, Richard Blumenthal, Dianne Feinstein, Al Franken, Ron Wyden, and Brian Schatz.

We’ll now skip over most of 2016, except to note that the most egregiously anti-Israel plank of any American political party emerged from the Democratic party during the Party convention in the summer, courtesy of the representatives of Bernie Sanders.

3. Now we come to the egregious Obama abstention in the U.N. Security Council in December. On January 4 2017, following the abstention vote in the security council, which senators did not vote to condemn the Obama administration?

A. Sanders and Feinstein

B. Wyden and Franken

C. Cardin and Schatz

And the answer is  . . . of course this was a trick question. Sanders, Feinstein, Wyden, Franken, Carden, and Schatz all refused to condemn the abstention vote.

4. On to March 23, 2017, and one final question. How many Democratic Senators voted against President Trump’s appointment of David Friedman as U.S. Ambassador to Israel?

A. 22

B. 36

C. All 48

And the answer is  . . . All 48. And obviously among those 48 were Sanders, Feinstein, Wyden, Franken, Blumenthal, Cardin, and Schatz. 


So why all of this frivolity on Rosh Hashana?

Because of this piece of an article from YNET News two days ago:

“Seven Jewish US senators, some of them top officials in the Democratic Party, recently sent an open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning him against harming the status of Reform and Conservative Jews vis-a-vis their right to hold egalitarian prayer services at the Western Wall . . .

‘The suspension of the Kotel agreement will strain the unique relationship between our two nations, particularly if the majority of American Jews see the movements to which they are committed denied equal rights in Israel,” the letter said . . .

‘We are also very concerned by the Israeli government’s recent decision to freeze a widely agreed-upon plan to establish an egalitarian prayer space in the Western Wall. We urge you to respond affirmatively to the High Court’s request that your government declare its willingness to reinstate the agreement it forged and signed,’ the letter stated . . .

All in all, as we have shown through our own visits to the egalitarian section in the past few months, it is a letter fraught with egregious errors.

Anyway, you’ll never guess who the seven Democratic senators were who sent this “warning” letter to Netanyahu, a “morally superior” letter which presumes to declare that Israeli Jews are denying American Jews “equal rights.”

Of course it was Sanders, Feinstein, Wyden, Franken, Blumenthal, Cardin, and Schatz. 

Sanders, Feinstein, Wyden, Franken, Blumenthal, Cardin, and Schatz. 

Seven senators who have repeatedly thrown Israel under the bus at some of the most crucial junctures in the past still believe that they have the right to tell the democratically elected government of Israel how to act.

It is the ultimate in arrogant hypocrisy.

In case you missed it yesterday, PM Netanyahu’s representatives sent a message to the High Court declaring that the government’s decision to suspend a part of the agreement will not change.



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