Israel Celebrates With The Kurds (Unofficially)

6 Tishrei 5778

26 September 2017

The News On the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

*As you will note from the Breaking News ticker above, there has been a horrific Palestinian terror attack at Har Adar, northwest of Jerusalem, in the last hour.

Details remain sketchy, but one Israeli Border Policemen and two security guards were murdered, and another security guard was critically wounded. The terrorist was shot and killed.

*Numerous other terror attacks took place throughout eastern Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. A few of the locations were Ras Al Amud, Silwan, the Pharmacy Checkpoint in Hevron, the Gush Etzion Road near Beit Ummar, Road 55 west of Azzun, and Route 465 close to Deir Nizam.

The information about these attacks was obtained from Rescue Judea and Samaria and hakolhayehudi.

Once again, while Jews were being attacked in Judea and Samaria . . .

IDF, Border Guard, and Civilian Administration forces were wasting their time confiscating a trailer in the Esh Kodesh community in Gush Shilo which is home to about 40 Israeli families. It was a trailer meant to house a new family that is moving into the community.

Jews are being attacked and murdered in Judea and Samaria, and what are our security forces being ordered to do? (picture: hakolhayehudi).

Jews are being attacked and murdered in Judea and Samaria, and what are our security forces being ordered to do? (picture: hakolhayehudi).

Why Israeli security forces would go through the trouble to rent a bulldozer and a crane to attack one little trailer is beyond your humble servant’s comprehension.  

Also, the same collection of forces destroyed Givat Mageni Eretz in Samaria two days ago. For what?

Again, one cannot help but recall how it was also just two days ago that the government went to the High Court to ask that Beduin-Palestinian illegal buildings be relocated from the E1 area at Khan Al Amar near Ma’aleh Adumim. No buildings have been destroyed there and no trailers have been confiscated. 

Maybe the answer to the problem (this is a joke) is to have the European Union build homes for residents in Jewish communities. Then the government would be afraid to tear them down.

Speaking of communities in Judea and Samaria . . .

And on the Golan. If you can believe this, the new Labor Party and the Yesh Atid party have both decided to boycott a celebratory event taking place in the coming week to mark 50 years of Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, and the Golan Heights.

This boycott speaks volumes about where Labor and Yesh Atid are on the political spectrum. Just as we have always written on israelstreet, they are both “leftist” parties no matter how much they may try to dissemble that they are in the center. The real joke during the last election was how Labor rebranded itself as the “Zionist Camp.” It is about as Zionist as Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO.

One other point of hilarity. Which party was it that built the first communities in Judea and Samaria 50 years ago? It was the Labor Party.

The Mexican government thanks Israel again . . .

That's the Mexican FM in the middle in shirt sleeves.

That’s the Mexican FM in the middle in shirt sleeves.

The Mexican Foreign Minister held a meeting with Israeli volunteers to Mexico yesterday and thanked Israel for its rapid deployment of support groups to his country in the aftermath of the earthquake. He was especially appreciative, he said, because that help came during Rosh Hashana.

Congratulations to Mitzpe Ramon . . .

The night sky over Mitzpe (photo: EPA).

The night sky over Mitzpe (photo: EPA).

One of your humble servant’s favorite places in Israel, Mitzpe Ramon, has just been honored by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). According to a statement, Mitpe Ramon has joined 54 other places in the world as a “International Lighthouse” in honor or the fact that in Mitzpe “the night sky is preserved in its natural state, preserving the unique appearance of the starry night sky in all its glory . . .”

One bad and one good statistic . . .

The bad:

It was revealed yesterday that 16,700 young Israelis left Israel in 2016 for economic reasons.

The good: 

According to statistics published yesterday, 7,000 ultra-Orthodox men are currently serving in the IDF; in the past year, 2,850 haredim enlisted in the IDF, a marked increase over the number in 2015.

The effect of the pipeline problem at the Tamar gas field . . .

As reported several days ago here, as soon as the natural gas stopped flowing from Tamar last week, the refineries and desalination plants along the Israel coast had to revert to diesel and coal to continue operation.

It turns out that the level of sulphur dioxide in the air has dramatically increased in north Ashdod (your humble servant lives in south Ashdod).


Today’s Blog:

Israel Celebrates With The Kurds (Unofficially)

It is well-known that everyday Israelis harbor a basic sympathy toward the Kurds. Maybe it is because Israelis understand the struggle that the Kurds have gone through to try to gain independence or maybe it is just supporting the underdog in a fight.

For whatever reason, the people’s support for an independent Kurdistan has not always been translated into government support. In your humble servant’s opinion, one of the worst episodes involving the Kurds was when Israel agreed to go forward several years ago with a military purchase made by Turkey of Israeli armaments–knowing full well they would be used against the Kurds.

Even yesterday, out of Netanyahu’s eternal caution not to offend the U.S. (which did not support the Kurdish independence referendum), our cowardly prime minister absurdly ordered that no member of the government even voice an opinion about the referendum.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop a number of pictures from going viral yesterday after the referendum passed.  Here are a few of the pictures:

Two IDF soldiers posted this picture of themselves hoisting the Kurdish flag:


And Kurdish fighters posted this:


And what about this picture of a SUV going through Erbil in northern Iraq:

This is a screen shot from a twitter video shot in Erbil. Can you believe it?

This is a blurry screen shot from a twitter video shot in Erbil. Can you believe it?

Israelstreet wishes the Kurds good luck–and hopes that they will be able to establish an independent state despite the efforts of the Turks, Iraqis, Iranians, Russians, and Americans.






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