Will Zarif, Mogherini, and Kerry Win the Nobel Appeasement Prize?

13 Tishrei 5778

3 October 2017


 The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror continues unabated . . .

In the continuing terrorist effort to cause vehicular crashes that could kill Israeli children, women, and men, buses are the prized target. Sure, you might kill four or five Israelis in a car crash, but just imagine how many you might kill if you could cause a bus to crash.

Yesterday, buses were attacked in Luban a-Sharqiya, on the Gush Etzion Road near Hevron, and near Jenin in Samaria. In all three cases, bus passengers had to be treated for trauma, but the bus drivers were able to maintain control of their vehicles.

Meanwhile, attacks on motorists took places at such locations as Tekoa, Deir Nizam, Beit Ummar, Beit El, Halhul, and Al-Arub.

IDF forces were assaulted in Qalqilya, Shechem, Asira, and Al-Arub.

Terrorists steal a vast quantity of weapons and ammunition . . .

If you can believe this, dear reader, terrorists have stolen explosive devices, mines, anti-tank weapons, and hundreds of rounds of M16 5.56 mm bullets from a combat engineers base in the Golan Heights.

Now that the horse has already escaped the barn, the entire base is under lockdown as military investigators try to figure out what happened.

While all of this terrorism was taking place . . .

A tractor heading to the top of the hill to destroy a Jewish home in Neve Erez.

A tractor heading to the top of the hill to destroy a Jewish home in Neve Erez.

Once again, the Civil Administration and the IDF were busy out in Neve Erez.

What were they doing in this tiny Jewish community of only 8 families in the Binyamin region? Destroying the home of one family.

Can you believe it? With everything else that was going on yesterday, they spent their time destroying the caravan of one Jewish family.


Final sentencing in the murder of Baruch Mizrahi . . .

It has absurdly taken more than three years, but the Palestinian terrorist (who shall remain unnamed here) that murdered Police Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi back in April of 2014, has finally been sentenced by a military court.

He will now spend the rest of his life in prison having been sentenced to two life terms plus another 16 years.

That is unless he is released in some future prisoner exchange–as he was before.

The terrorist murderer was previously sentenced to life in prison but then released as part of the Gilad Shalit deal back in 2010. 

A bad few days for Hezbollah . . .

Perched on the edge of victory in Syria, Hezbollah has taken a few surprising hits this week. First, 15 of its fighters were killed in an ambush by IS. And then came the surprising news yesterday that 7 more fighters had been killed in a U.S. led raid on a Hezbollah stronghold in Surib.

A U.S. led raid on a Hezbollah stronghold?  

Israel trade with Gaza expands . . .

A proud Israeli boy holding his lulav (the long green frond) and his etrog (the yellow lemony looking fruit).

A proud Israeli boy holding his lulav (the long green palm frond) and his etrog (the yellow lemony looking fruit). An well-formed lulav and etrog can cost as much as $500.

The Israel Minister of Agriculture announced yesterday that 20,000 lulavs from Gaza had been imported into Israel through the Kerem Shalom Crossing for sale in Israel. A lulav, as you may not know is the closed frond of a date palm tree. It is one of the four species of plants that are used during the holiday of Sukkot.

In the same announcement, the Minister reported that thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables are imported into and exported out of Gaza come each day via some 800 trucks.

It is a massive amount of food.

And surprising considering the so-called “humanitarian” crisis in Gaza where the “poor” Palestinians supposedly do not have enough food to eat. 



Today’s Blog:

Will Zarif, Mogherini, and Kerry Win the Nobel Appeasement Prize?

In the face of a possible Trump decision to disengage from the Obama Nuclear Weapons Appeasement Agreement with Iran, every slimy politician that was involved in its creation is coming out of the woodwork to attest to its wonder. But more than this, they are all after something else–they are all selfishly seeking the Nobel Appeasement Prize.

This weekend we had an op-ed written by former Secretary of State John Kerry in the Washington Post in which he waxed metaphorically about how wonderful the deal is and how wise it was to make it. It was an exercise in flatulence and self-exaltation that could have been titled “Why I Should Receive the Nobel Appeasement Prize.”

Then we had Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif in an interview with Politico magazine waxing metaphorically about how wonderful the deal is and how unwise it would be for the U.S. to disengage from it. The interview could have been titled “Why I Should Receive the Nobel Appeasement Prize.”

And in his interview, Zarif referred to the Europeans whom he said have “made it clear that they intend to do everything possible to ensure the survival of the agreement.” This statement coincides with numerous statements coming out of the European Union, particularly from the foreign ministers of the 5 European countries who signed onto the Agreement. European FM Federica Mogherini has been particularly vocal on the subject and gives at least one speech a day about “Why I Should Receive the Nobel Appeasement Prize.”

By the way, the Nobel awards began being handed out yesterday, and there is a steady buzz that Zarif and European Union FM Federica Mogherini may indeed take home the Peace Prize when it is announced on October 6.

Zarif, Mogherini, and not Kerry?

Should Zarif and the other two slimy appeasers win (and they might very well do so as the Nobel Committee seeks to undercut Trump), it would just be one more sign of the utter politicization and degradation of the Nobel Peace Prize. 


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