Major Good News About The American Embassy!

3 Shevat 5778

19 January 2018



Picture of the Day:

A snow plow stuck in the heavy snow near Mt. Hermon this morning. Heavy snow in the north and heavy rain elsewhere has hit Israel.

A snow plow stuck in the heavy snow near Mt. Hermon this morning. Heavy snow in the north and heavy rain elsewhere has hit Israel.

The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

There has just been an attempted Palestinian bulldozer attack near Qasr al-Yahud on the Jordanian border. One soldier was moderately wounded; the terrorist was captured.

Earlier today, a female Palestinian terrorist was captured by Border Police in Hevron at the Tomb of the Patriarchs as she attempted to carry out a stabbing attack.

The knives confiscated from the female terrorist in Hevron today.

The knives confiscated from the female terrorist in Hevron today.

Two Israelis were wounded by “rocks” when Bus 149 was hit by Palestinian terrorists on the Anatot-Hizma Road.

Another bus was struck nearby on the road between Adam and Hizma. Passengers were treated for trauma.

Other “rock” and Molotov attacks took place at Beit Aryeh, Sinjil, Jayyus, Azzun, Ma’ale Levona, Qalqilya, Burqa, Al-Mu’ayyir,  Givat Assaf, Mt. Hevron, Jenin, Al-Fawwar, Beit Rima, Luban a-Sharqiya, Dir Nizam, Dir Istiya, Ofarim, El Aruv, Tekoa, along Road 446, and Hawara.

The operation to find Rabbi Shevach’s murderers continues . . .

When IDF soldiers were finally able to get into the rubble of the Jarrar house in Jenin yesterday, they discovered no other bodies buried there.

The consensus opinion among security personnel is that despite the fact that one terrorist who participated in the murder was killed yesterday, others are still on the loose.

Currently, IDF troops are operating just west of Jenin in the town of al-Yamum. Three more terrorists have been captured in the last hour.

The outrageous statement of the day . . .

. . . had to come from Jerusalem District Commander Yoram Halevi who actually argued before the Israel High Court today that “there is no discrimination at the entrance to the Mount between Jews and Muslims . . .”

No discrimination? You decide, dear readers:

Muslims do not have their IDs checked. Jews must hand over their IDs for inspection.

Muslims do not have to pass through metal detectors. Jews must pass through two.

Muslims have no clothing check. Jews must have their clothing checked.

Muslims can carry anything they want up to the Mount. Jews cannot carry anything.

Muslims can walk wherever they want on the Temple Mount Compound. Jews are heavily restricted. 

Muslims can enter the Mount 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Jews can only ascend the Mount 20 hours per week.

No discrimination? 

The outrageous governmental decision of the day . . .

The Jordanian government announced today that Israel has “formally apologized” for the incident last July in which an Israeli security guard shot and killed a terrorist who was stabbing him in the chest with a screwdriver–and accidentally killed another Jordanian who was standing nearby.

This “formal apology” comes after Israel apparently removed the metal detectors from the Lions’ Gate entrance to the Temple Mount back in July of last year in order to get the security guard returned to Israel, after Israel has paid an unrevealed amount of money to the families of the Jordanians who were killed, and after promising the Jordanians that legal actions would be taken against the security guard.

What is Israel getting in return for the metal detectors, the money, the promise of legal action, and the formal apology?

Jordan has agreed to reopen the Israel Embassy in Amman.

How absurd can this get? Every time we Israelis defend ourselves from terrorist attacks (remember the Mavi Marmara Turkish terror ship?); the terrorists suddenly become the victims–and we Israelis have to apologize and pay.

It is absolutely pathetic.

The United States further reduces funds to the Palestinians . . .

The U.S. announced yesterday that it will not provide $45 million in food aid to the Palestinians as part of the West Bank/Gaza Emergency Appeal led by the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

This is in addition to the $65 million in aid that was frozen earlier this week. 



Major Good News About The American Embassy!

It has been a “funny” week for news about the American Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

First came the rash statement from PM Netanyahu to reporters who were traveling with him in India that he suspected that the Embassy would be moved this year. Then, President Trump almost immediately responded that the move would definitely not happen in 2018.

And so things seemed to go back to square one which supposedly has teams of American planners and engineers and others traipsing around Jerusalem looking for a suitable site for the Embassy.

Well guess what?

Numerous news outlets reported yesterday that senior Trump Administration officials have revealed that the U.S. has decided not to build a new Embassy; instead, it will do what many of us have suggested.

The U.S. will convert the existing consular facility in the Arnona neighborhood in Jerusalem into the Embassy–and it will open in 2019.

Where is the Arnona neighborhood and where will the Embassy apparently be?

Note the location at the bottom of the map--just down Road 60 from the Old City.

Note the location at the bottom of the map–just down Road 60 from the Old City (Google Maps).

This is an interesting choice because it practically sits on the 1949 Armistice Line (aka the Green Line)–and therefore is bound to antagonize the Palestinians even more than the Jerusalem Declaration already has.  

Also note that the decision to accelerate the opening of the Embassy runs counter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s statements that pushed the opening to at least 2021. It is being reported that President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner overruled Tillerson as to the timetable.

Specifically, it appears that this building will become the Embassy after it is retrofitted:

The current home of the American Consul-General.

The current home of the American Consul-General will apparently become the American Embassy.

Your humble servant reports this information today with a grain of salt. We all know how quickly plans can change, particularly when one is dealing with the Middle East.

But, for the moment, let’s revel in the good news!



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