“I Will Not Uproot Settlements.”

19 Adar 5778

6 March 2018


Quote of the Day

“No one is starving.”

PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, speaking in Ramallah two days ago in response to President Trump threatening to cut off economic aid to the PLO.

Of course no one is starving; as has been noted in numerous surveys, the Palestinians in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza are among the most obese Arabs in the Middle East. 

Significantly, Abbas also told his cronies on the PLO Revolutionary Council: This may be my last meeting with you. None of us knows how much he will live.”


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Israeli residents reported more than 30 terror attacks yesterday to hakolhayehudi, rotter, Rescue Judea and Samaria, and Rescue 443.

Palestinian terrorists targeted Israelis with “rocks” and Molotovs at Givat Oz, Ga’on, Al-Fawwar, Abud, the Hevron Road to Gush Etzion, Tekoa, Beit Ummar, Elon Moreh, Kiryat Arba, El Aruv, Azzun, Beit El, Deir Nizam, and Neve Tzuf among other places.

Dimona’s kosher “Disneyland”? . . .


Apparently, a group of American investors plans to build a huge new Jewish-themed amusement park outside of Dimona. The $400 million dollar park will be called “Wonderpark” and will be situated on 1000 dunams (around 250 acres) of land near Mamshit Park.

It is interesting to note that a similarly-themed park in Eilat eventually went bankrupt. Taking a look at the artist’s rendering, one is forced to ask how the park will keep patrons cool with so many “outside” areas. After all the temperatures in Dimona are not so different from those in Eilat–averaging 45 C in the summer.

However, this new park, unlike the one in Eilat, is going to be completely kosher to appeal to the religious sector. That may make a difference in its ultimate viability.



“I Will Not Uproot Settlements.”

Following his meeting in the White House yesterday with President Trump, PM Netanyahu recounted to reporters a wide range of items that he and Trump discussed.

First, regarding peace with the Palestinians and the Trump Peace Plan, Netanyahu said that he told the President:

“I will not uproot settlements. There must be an IDF force west of the Jordan.”

I will not uproot settlements. Does this mean that the reports of the Trump Peace Plan uprooting “remote” Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria are incorrect? Let’s hope so. 

An IDF force west of the Jordan. We already knew that was in the plan.

Second on the Iranian situation:

“Another 60 days to decide on renewing the agreement with Iran, much of the meeting with the president was devoted to that. The President is very knowledgeable about the Iranian issue and very determined in a positive direction for us.”

All good and nothing new.

Third on the Syrian situation:

“There was no problem with our freedom of action in Syria before and after the meeting with the President. I do not share the assessment that the Americans are only dealing with Da’ash; they certainly see Iran as a threat; there is no agreement that binds us in action in Syria against any element not far from Israel and not in the nature of the action.”

Apparently, the main point is that Israel is not having its hands tied by the U.S., but the second part of this statement indicates a disagreement with the U.S. over what is happening in Syria.

Netanyahu then talked about internal issues in Israel commenting on the current Coalition crisis:

“We have held many talks in order to find an outline in order to allow the government to continue to exist, but there are confrontations between all kinds of elements.”

This is certainly does not sound positive.

He went on to say that he is happy that Prince William is coming to Israel in June (“The time has come”), and that Air India has obtained an agreement with Saudi Arabia which will permit overflight of Saudi Arabia on Israel-India flights and vice versa thereby reducing by almost half the flight time between the two countries.

All in all the Trump-Netanyahu meeting seems to have gone very well, very well indeed.

Tomorrow we will report on the marvelous speech that Netanyahu just gave at AIPAC.


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