The Coalition Hangs On . . . By A Thread

25 Adar 5778

12 March 2018



Outrageously Appalling Picture of the Day:

Israeli President Reuven bowing and shaking the hand of a Palestinian terrorist (who shall remain unnamed here).

Israeli President Reuven bowing and shaking the hand of a Palestinian terrorist (who shall remain unnamed here).

The meeting above was apparently organized by B’Tselem, the infamous organization that fraudulently delegitimizes Israel at every turn. 

Unbelievably, the man in the middle of the above picture is Imad Abu Shamsiyeh, the B’Tselem photographer who fraudulently videotaped our soldier Elor Azariya when he shot a terrorist in Hevron (fraudulent because he edited out all of the audio).

That Rivlin would agree to such a meeting, let alone allow himself to be photographed in such a position, is outrageously appalling. It shows what we all already knew: Elor Azariya never had a chance of a pardon from Reuven Rivlin.

The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

A Palestinian terrorist attempting to carry out a stabbing attack was thwarted at the Tulkarm Checkpoint by alert Border Guards.

Palestinian terrorists struck Israeli civilians in buses and cars with “rocks” and Molotovs on Route 446 near Modi’in Illit (driver wounded), at Urif, Yitzhar, Road 446 north of Kiryat Sefer, Burin, on Road 25, Qalqilya, on the Goh road near Hevron, Tekoa, Hizma, and El Aruv.

The above reports of terror attacks were made by citizens to Rescue Judea and Samaria, hakolhayehudi, Rescue 443, and rotter.

A new death count in Syria . . .

The war in Syria has now entered its 8th year. According to statistics released this morning, five hundred and eleven thousand Syrians have now been killed.


More than one hundred more were reported killed yesterday–with no end to the slaughter in sight.

The fitting end of an anti-Israel stalwart . . .

Haim Bajoyo Hanegbi.

Haim Bajoyo Hanegbi.

Haim Bajayo-Hanegbi died this past week at the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital.

Bajayo-Hanegbi’s grandfather was a rabbi in Hevron, and his Bajayo family was one of the few families in Hevron saved by Arabs during the Hevron pogrom in 1929. Almost immediately thereafter, the family moved to Jerusalem where Haim was born.

His mother’s family were leaders of Neturei Karta–the atrocious anti-Israel ultra-orthodox group that travels the world trashing Israel at every turn, and goes to Tehran each year claiming the Holocaust didn’t happen.

Haim Bajayo-Hanegbi took up the mantle of his mother’s family often declaring that he “identified with the Palestinians.” One description of him is that “he spent his entire days sitting in cafes, smoking expensive French cigarettes . . . and talking about revolution and Che Guevara.” He helped found Matzpen, the Israel Socialist Organization, and in that capacity constantly worked for the delegitimization of Israel.

He even went so far as to donate the old Bajayo home in Hevron to the Muslim community there (your humble servant has been to this home which is strategically located), and in his will expressed the desire to be buried in the Muslim cemetery there.

So when he died this past week, the family asked Muslim authorities for permission to bury the anti-Israel Palestinian activist in the Muslim cemetery in Hevron.

They were summarily rejected and told that it is “forbidden to defile a Muslim cemetery with a Jew.”

Thus, Haim was buried in the Yarkonim Cemetery in Tel Aviv in a cheap corner beside a trash pit.

It was a fitting end to the story of Haim Bayoyo-Hanegbi.



The Coalition Hangs On . . . By A Thread

With so many news stories coming from so many sources–some confirmed, some not–it is difficult to sort out what has happened in the last 24 hours.

The bottom line is that the Netanyahu Coalition is, thankfully, still intact–for now.

How we got to this point seems to be:

1. As we have reported previously on israelstreet, a compromise between the ultra-orthodox and Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon was drafted.

2. The exact wording of the compromise is unknown at this hour. Apparently, it keeps quotas on how many yeshiva students must enlist in the IDF or national service. However, it removes sanctions against those who do not enlist–thereby satisfying the ultra-orthodox. 

3. The compromise states that a preliminary (first) reading of the new Draft Law will immediately be passed out of the Ministerial Committee on Legislation–perhaps as soon as tomorrow. As soon as it passes this first reading, the ultra-orthodox will vote for the new budget, thereby satisfying the Kahlon. 

Then, the Draft Law will be put into “suspension.” It will not be brought to the Knesset again for its second and third readings until the summer session of the Knesset.

So where does this leave us?

To begin with, Defense Minister Lieberman declared that his party Yisrael Beiteinu will not vote for the first reading of the bill. However, it will remain in the Coalition–and even without the votes of Yisrael Beiteinu, the Draft Law presumably has enough votes to pass. Lieberman has also said that he will revaluate staying in the government if the Draft Law passes its second and third readings.

Secondly, the Israel High Court of Justice is likely to intervene between tomorrow and the summer, and will probably rule the Draft Law “unconstitutional” because elimination of sanctions.

Third, Netanyahu’s main condition that no member of the Coalition will seek to dissolve it before November 2019 is unfulfilled. No party has made that promise so we could find ourselves back at this junction in short order.

All of this has led to an outpouring of acrimony today with everyone blaming everyone else for the situation. The two leading critics are Yair Lapid who is calling the ultra-orthodox “draft dodgers”, and Lieberman who is crying that the ultra-orthodox have extorted the people of Israel, and Naftali Bennett who says the whole crisis was “a sham.”

In sum, the Coalition continues to bump along–hanging on by a thread. 

Such is the state of things at this hour, but who knows what the next hour will bring?


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