Terror, Terror, and More Palestinian Terror

2 Nissan 5778

18 March 2018





Terror, Terror, and More Palestinian Terror

Palestinian terror in the Old City . . .

At 4:52 pm this afternoon, a security guard was critically wounded in a stabbing attack on Beit Hagai Street in the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist was from a Palestinian settlement near Shechem. He was shot and killed.

Somewhat mysteriously, the terrorist also carried Turkish identity papers. 

The names of the murdered are released. . .

Captain Ziv Daos aand Sergeant Netanel Kahalani

Captain Ziv Daos (left) and Sergeant Netanel Kahalani (right): murdered in a barbarous bulldozer attack near Yabad. May their memories be blessed.

The names of the two soldiers killed in the car ramming attack yesterday. Captain Ziv Daos (21) was a platoon commander in a rescue unit; Netanel Kahalani (20) was a driver for the Menashe Brigade.

One of the other soldiers critically wounded in the attack is on life support at an Israeli hospital while the fourth soldier remains in “moderate” condition.

Unbelievably, the terrorist who was “injured” in the attack is listed as “improving” at an Israeli hospital. He should have been killed on the spot.

Another bulldozer attack in the afternoon . . .

Three Palestinian terrorists attempted to run over an Israeli at Talia Farm near Hevron. The intended victim was armed however and fired his weapon–frightening the attackers away.

If you can believe this, when the Israel police arrived, they interrogated the Israeli man and confiscated his gun–leaving him defenseless when the next attack comes.

Yet another terrorist . . .

. . . was captured after a long manhunt. This terrorist was the one who murdered Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal in a stabbing attack at the Ariel Junction on February 5th.

The terrorist was tracked to Shechem where he was captured last night. Unfortunately, during the arrest he was wounded and not killed.

A rash of Palestinian “rock” and Molotov terrorism . . .

The worst attacks of the day occurred at the Shuafat Light Rail station, Karmei Tzur, the Hafsa intersection in Binyamin, the Gilad Road, in Hevron, on the Gaza border, Barta’a, Jericho, Shechem, and Tulkarm.

Tunnel terror on the Gaza Border . . .

The IDF destroyed two more Hamas tunnels today.

Well, sort of. It turns out that one of the “destroyed” tunnels was one that had been “destroyed” before and rehabilitated by Hamas.

In the process of destroying the tunnels, which took place in the wake of the latest IED attack on our troops, firefights erupted along the border.

In response to the IED attacks, the IAF bombed sand berms in Gaza:

Note the Hamas cameraman taking pictures of the holes in the ground.

Note the Hamas cameraman taking pictures of the holes in the ground.

What are three obvious takeaways from today?

1. The time has come for our troops to stop treating wounded terrorists. If they are not killed during their attacks, they should be left to die. There is no honor in treating murderers.

2. When “rock” and Molotov attacks occur in the same places day after day in Judea and Samaria, it emboldens bulldozer and stabbing attacks everywhere.

3. Isn’t it time to stop bombing sand dunes and sand berms in Gaza–and start bombing Hamas headquarters when Hamas terrorists target our soldiers?




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