The Comptroller’s Report: What Went Wrong In The Last Gaza War?

30 Adar 5778

17 March 2018



Nonsensical Comments Of The Day

Regarding the terrorist attack yesterday in which two IDF soldiers were run over and killed, and two more were critically wounded:

1.  “We will work to destroy the house of the terrorist . . .”

PM Netanyahu

This is the nonsense Netanyahu blathers after every attack, but the reality is that no terrorists’ houses are ever destroyed anymore. At most, the Israel Supreme Court will allow one room in one house to be destroyed or sealed.

2. “We will not rest until we bring all those who cooperate with terror to justice and we will not allow terror to turn an existing reality.”

President Reuven Rivlin

This is the nonsense Rivlin blathers after every terror attack. Here’s a news flash for the President of Israel: terror is an existing reality.

3. “I will push for the death penalty for the terrorist.”

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman

This is the nonsense Lieberman always blathers. Only one person has ever been executed in the history of Israel: Adolf Eichmann on May 31, 1962.

4. “The family does not accept the Hamas declaration that this is a terrorist attack . . .  this was a car accident.”

The family of the terrorist

This has become the nonsense blathered by the family of every terrorist after every attack. The terrorist knew when the timetable for changing officers at the observation post. As soon as the new soldiers arrived there in a Humvee, exited the car, and started walking toward the post, he accelerated the car and plowed into them.

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

For the fourth time in recent weeks, Palestinian terrorists exploded a device on the Gaza Border. No Israelis were wounded, and the IDF responded again with tank fire–supposedly destroying a Hamas observation post.

Your humble servant says “supposedly” because . . .

Satellite photos which were apparently taken following the waves of Israeli air attacks that took place on the same day that our plane was shot down reveal that few of the targets that were reported destroyed were actually hit.



The Comptroller’s Report:

What Went Wrong In The Last Gaza War?

To begin with, it must be said here that the just issued Comptroller’s Report on the 2014 Gaza War was not concerned with what went wrong in the Gaza War. Instead it is almost wholly concerned about whether the IDF conducted itself in a humanitarian way in accordance with international law.

In doing so, it doesn’t overtly question whether there was any problem with the military conduct of the war. Only by reading between the lines can we discern the reasons that seventy three Israelis (mostly soldiers) were killed, and that the terrorists in Gaza were able to fire more than 5000 (the official count is 4564) missiles into southern and central Israel. 

So what can we infer?

Let me say at the outset that my personal interpretation of the war is that loss of so many soldiers was tragically unnecessary, and the inability of the IDF to stop the missile fire into Israel bodes very poorly for Israel’s future wars in which we will face far more sophisticated missiles.

Why were soldiers killed and why did the missiles continue to be fired?

Because the IDF General Command was obsessed with being “humanitarian” and obsessed with possibly being accused of not following international law. More often than not, the IDF was absurdly willing to risk our own soldiers in order to not harm the so-called “civilian” population of Gaza.

The report suggests that every aspect of the fighting was disastrously subordinate to legal decisions.

Because of this, all element of surprise was lost at the beginning of the war; fighters were halted in the midst of attacks allowing terrorists to regroup; ceasefires allowed Hamas terrorists to emerge from tunnels and kill our soldiers; and reserve troops were left in situations on the Gaza perimeter in which they were highly vulnerable to mortar attacks.

According to the report, this situation was not lost on all members of the Security Cabinet (such as Naftali Bennett) who expressed utter helplessness that the Military Advocate General and the Israel Supreme Court were essentially in charge of the fighting.

It was a wholly untenable military situation, and one that no other army in the world has to face. 

Yet if you can believe this, the IDF has already responded to the report saying that:

*more Israeli commanders will learn Arabic so that they can “better liaison with Palestinians” as combat is taking place.

*soldiers and commanders will take more courses on international law so that they can better understand the law of armed conflict.

And on and on. In short, in any future war, the IDF will be more hamstrung than ever before, and more of our soldiers will be killed.




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