“Live free or die.”

5 Nissan 5778

21 March 2018


The Photo of the Day

The Iranians displayed their newest ballistic missile yesterday. Note the writing between the two Iranian flags. It reads "Israel must be erased."

The Iranians displayed their newest ballistic missile yesterday. Note the writing between the two Iranian flags. It reads “Israel must be erased.”

The Idiotic Quote of the Day

“The collapse of the agreement with Iran could lead to war in the Middle East.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued this “warning” to PM Netanyahu today.

Could lead to war in the Middle East? The agreement with Iran has led to nothing but war in the Middle East from Yemen to Syria–and the presence of Iran all along our Lebanese and Syrian borders.


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

A series of Palestinian terror attacks has punctuated the day from “rock” attacks at El Aruv, to arson attacks in the Hevron Hills, to Molotov attacks near Karmei Tzur.

Palestinian terrorists also attacked a bus south of Halhul, and carried out other assaults at Beit Ummar, Hevron, Tekoa, and Hawara.

All told, some 30 Palestinian terror attacks were called into Rescue Judea and Samaria, hakolhayehudi, rotter, and Rescue 443.

Great news about our wounded soldier! . . .

The soldier who was the most critically wounded last Friday when the Palestinian terrorist ran over four soldiers–murdering two–regained consciousness this morning.

His condition has been upgraded from “critical” to “fair”, and doctors say that he is well on the way to recovery.

His family and israelstreet thank everyone for their prayers!

More great news! . . .

Ahed Tamimi, the Pallywood actress who has made a career of biting, spitting at, slapping, and kicking IDF soldiers has apparently has agreed to a plea deal that will see her serve 8 months in prison.

She has agreed to plead guilty to incitement, assaulting a soldier and two offenses of disturbing a soldier.

Of course this is not nearly enough, but given the fact that this will deny Tamimi the opportunity to perform in court during a trial, the result is a good one.

The American Embassy steams forward . . .

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon told the Planning and Building Council today to exempt the new American Embassy from all the usual permits.

Without the exemption, the permit process could have taken months and even years.

Channel 20 steams forward . . .

Beginning on Sunday, a conservative alternative to the leftist Channels 1, 2, and 10 will begin broadcasting nightly news in Israel.

Channel 20 news will compete directly with the above channels with a 75 minute nightly newscast on at 8 pm. The broadcast will be simulcast on the Arutz Sheva website.

Some channel like Channel 20 should have been offered to the Israeli public long ago–and would have been had not the Committee on broadcasting been dominated by leftists. 

It is rumored that the power behind the scenes in the approval for Channel 20 was Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.



“Live free or die.”

Elon Musk at Masada yesterday (note the outline of the Roman camp over Musk's right shoulder).

Elon Musk at Masada yesterday (note the outline of the Roman camp down below over Musk’s right shoulder). Note his caption of the picture: “Paid respects to Masada earlier today. Live free or die.”

As you can tell from the above instagram, Elon Musk was in Israel yesterday–and has been for the last few days.

Musk has documented each place he has stopped on instagram from Masada to a bar in Jerusalem where he had someone video him learning how to make a flaming absinthe (click here to see the 13 second youtube).

As we all know Musk is an amazing entrepreneur who has placed himself on the cutting edge of numerous fields via companies he has founded. Musk is CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, and The Boring Company and has now amassed a net worth of some $20 billion dollars.

The actual reason he is in Israel is for talks with Kortica, an Israeli company that specializes in artificial intelligence. It is thought that Kortica and Tesla may be close to some sort of deal.

In any case, it was the picture from Masada and Musk’s caption that most caught your humble servant’s eye yesterday.

“Live Free or Die” indeed captures the spirit and belief of the Zealot defenders of Masada who killed themselves rather than be enslaved by the Romans. It is a message ingrained in every Israeli soldier who takes his or her oath of service there, and every tourist who visits the site.

Your humble servant applauds Musk for his post yesterday which subjected him to thousands of posts of condemnation from Israel-haters all over the world. 

Addendum: for an illuminating discussion of the phrase “Live Free or Die” click here.


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