Be Sure To Buy Strauss

The BDS folks have been crowing about how they got Strauss–group (owner of Sabra-hummus) to remove support for the IDF from their English website.

Last week, I contacted Strauss to find out what was going on–(actually I told them that if they didn’t reverse their decision that other bloggers and I would make sure it went viral on the internet). I was told yesterday that the information was back up on their website:a small victory in our continuing fight for Israel and against BDS.

On the site now: “Israel Defense Forces: as part of its donations program, the Sales Division of Strauss Israel has made a contribution to the men and women who serve in the Golani brigade. . .Yotvata, our dairy in the south, contributes likewise to the southern Shualei Shimshon unit.” ┬áBE SURE TO BUY STRAUSS!

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