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Dollars And Euros Down The Palestinian Drain

Dollars And Euros Down The Palestinian Drain

Over the decades, Western governments have donated billions of dollars to the Palestinians–so much so that they now receive the highest per capita foreign aid in the world. And this despite a culture of corruption that from Yasser Arafat to Mahmoud Abbas has siphoned off untold amounts of money into the pockets of Palestinians officials.

In the West,  U.S. educated economist, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has become the new go-to guy. He is the supposedly squeaky clean technocrat that symbolizes the future of the Palestinian people: a no-nonsense man of action who uses Western donations to build the infrastructure on which a state of Palestine will rise.

In the West Bank and Gaza, however, Fayyad’s reputation is not so squeaky clean. It was Fatah’s nomination of Fayyad as the new interim President of Palestine last month that apparently caused the so-called ‘reconciliation’ government between Hamas and Fatah to be ‘postponed.’

Yesterday, in a Palestinian news report that has gone completely (and intentionally) under the Western radar, Bassam Zakarneh of the PA Workers’ Union lambasted Fayyad for corruption. Specifically, Zakarneh accused Fayyad of:

1. moving funds earmarked for “support of the poor” and “support of families of martyrs” into the private bank accounts of PA officials and their wives

2. moving funds into the accounts of those PA officials with whom Fayyad is most closely allied

3. refusing to take action against three PA ministers accused of corruption

4. squandering ‘public’ (read ‘donated’) money on unnecessary projects that benefit Fayyad’s allies

5. creating a fake ‘financial’ crisis on the backs of PA workers (who will only receive 1/2 their salaries this month) in order to line the pockets of himself and his friends

None of this is a surprise. The facade of the Palestinians being ready for a Palestinian state is beginning to crumble.

Breaking News: The air fauxtilla into Ben Gurion airport is beginning this morning. It is estimated that some 2000 pro-Palestinian activists are flying into the country. They are being met by an unprecedented number of Israeli security personnel at the airport. Some activists who were already in Israel were deported yesterday.

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