Turkish Gall and Gazan “Jews”

A Hamas parade in Gaza honoring Turkish PM Erdogan: And Israel is supposed to apologize to Turkey?

A Hamas parade in Gaza honoring Turkish PM Erdogan: And Israel is supposed to apologize to Turkey?

This morning, I am referring to three blogs I wrote earlier this month:

On July 5, my blog was partially titled: “Unbelievable. Simply Unbelievable…Rapprochement with Turkey.”

Since that blog was written, it has been reported that the United States is twisting Israel’s arm to embrace Turkey again (U.S. State Department thinking seems to be that an Israeli-Turkish alliance will be an ‘anchor of stability’ in a highly unstable Middle East). Remarkably, after his most recent meeting with Hilary Clinton, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has cravenly come out in favor of such an apology.

What are the new Turkish terms for such an ‘apology’? Turkish PM Erdogan has now said that without an apology, without compensation to Turkish ‘victims’, and without Israel lifting the blockade of Gaza, Turkish relations with Israel will be further downgraded.

The sheer scale of Erdogan’s gall is mind-boggling.   Erdogan actively recruited the IHH–and its terrorists–to participate in the flotilla against Israel, actively ignored all warnings from Israel, actively encouraged the boats to engage the Israeli Navy, and then after the Israeli commandos were violently assaulted by weapons-wielding IHH personnel and defended themselves–has actively embarked on a worldwide campaign to vilify Israel. Israel is supposed to ‘apologize’ to Turkey? Turkey should apologize to Israel.

By the way, a sign of just how far the Turkish government has drifted into the Islamist camp–and just how ridiculous a rapprochement with Turkey would be–was revealed yesterday when the entire leadership of the secular Turkish military establishment was forced into ‘retirement’. The  Chief of Staff, and the heads of  the ground, naval, and air forces all tendered their resignations amidst reports of the military’s disenchantment with the Islamist course that Erdogan has set.

On July 23, I posted “UNRWA: Still Teaching Gaza’s Children To Be Victims After All These Years.”

In that blog, I posited that UNRWA is a self-serving, paternalistic organization that does little except to foster dependency among Palestinians–especially Palestinian children.

It seems that some group in Gaza is unhappy with UNRWA after all. The Palestinian Maan News Agency reports that shortly after the UNRWA sponsored mass-kiting event took place, Gazan “attackers damaged a large billboard, burnt a U.N. flag and torched part of the stage.”

As to the event itself, the UNRWA spokesman had this to say: “The tiny ‘David’ of Gaza has overcome the mighty ‘Goliath’ . . .; even more astonishing that the children of Gaza achieved this under the punishing, illegal blockade . . . The kites will provide another iconic reminder of the beauty and potential of these children, despite the injustices they face.”

The tiny “David” has overcome the “Goliath”? Just two days ago (July 28) I blogged in ‘Usurping Jewish History’ about how the Palestinians–with the help of the U.N.– are facilely attempting to make Jewish history their own.

The kites are an ‘iconic reminder’? Once again, image and public relations are everything for UNRWA–as UNRWA struggles to justify its own cruelly paternalistic existence.



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