The Return Of The PLO



Write your own caption dear reader.

Write your own caption dear reader.

It has become fashionable in recent years when referring to the primary Palestinian organization to refer to the ‘Palestinian Authority’. For example, Mahmoud Abbas is always referred to as the ‘President of the Palestinian Authority’.

However, events of the last week have made it clear that the heinous terrorist organization known as the Palestine Liberation Organization, the PLO, is back–and in fact never went away.  First we had the scene in which the PLO representative scolded the Palestinian Authority for orchestrating the small march to the United Nations’ office in Ramallah. Then we had Abbas’ speech on Friday night during which he went to great lengths to say that the PLO is the sole and unique representative of the Palestinian people, and that the Palestinian Authority operates at the behest of the PLO.

A fact that is often forgotten is that the PLO has always been considered by the United Nations to be the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and thereby holds a permanent observer seat in the United Nations General Assembly.

In reality, the PLO Executive Committee which is composed of 18 people elected by the Palestinian National Council, holds all Palestinian political power.  Mahmoud Abbas has been the Chairman of the PLO Executive Committee since Yasser Arafat’s death in 2004.

Before Abbas was introduced on Friday night, reference was made to the ‘dignitaries’ who were present including the representatives of the Palestinian ‘factions’. The following factions are currently members of the PLO: Fatah, the Popular Front For the Liberation of Palestine (remember its recent complicity in the Fogel family murders), the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine,  the Palestinian People’s Party,  the Palestine Liberation Front,  the Arab Liberation Front, As-Saiqa (a Syrian based organization), the Palestine Democratic Union, the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, and the Palestinian Arab Front.

One more not so small detail: reference is often made to the Hamas charter which calls for the destruction of Israel.  But the PLO charter also contains a clause calling for the right of the Palestinians to continue armed struggle until the “Zionist Entity” is destroyed. You older readers may recall that Yasser Arafat often promised to remove this part of the PLO charter and spoke often in speeches and in letters about how it had been removed. An internationally televised meeting of the Palestine Central Committee showed representatives voting to nullify the clause–and promising to produce a new charter text. In fact, the clause calling for the destruction of Israel was never removed and is still contained in the PLO Charter displayed to the United Nations.

By the way, all of the monies donated to the “Palestinian Authority” are first filtered through the PLO–which will be the subject of your humble servant’s blog tomorrow unless events intervene.

Addendum: There is a report this morning that a possible new plan for Palestinian statehood calls for the proposal to be submitted to the United Nations on Friday and then immediately ‘frozen’.

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