The Islamists Take Over In Egypt

UPDATE 7 am Israel time Monday:

There have now been 11 Qassams, Grads, and mortars fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza against the citizens of southern Israel since the latest “ceasefire” at 12 am yesterday.


Prayer in the Square: a tiny portion of the Tahrir crowd in Cairo yesterday afternoon celebrating the victory of Islamist Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood (photo Aljazeera).

Yesterday, Egypt continued its inexorable slide into becoming a full-blown Islamist state with the announcement that Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood had won the presidential election.

The pathetic irony is that the West cannot see this Islamist evolution taking place. For the Europeans and the White House, Morsi’s election is all about “democracy.”

Last night, as giddy Western journalists reported on the celebrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square (most Western news agencies omitted the part in which the Square was turned into a massive open air mosque with the assembled multitude engaging in synchronized prostrate prayer to Allah), White House spokesman Jay Carney released this statement: “The United States congratulates Dr. Mohamed Morsi on his victory in Egypt’s Presidential election, and we congratulate the Egyptian people for this milestone in their transition to democracy.”

Unbelievably, there is already talk this morning of President Obama warmly embracing Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House–a White House that has done everything within its power to facilitate the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power (more on this tomorrow).

On the other hand, the Islamic countries all recognize Morsi’s election exactly for what it is. The Iranians described the Egyptian announcement in this way: “The foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran congratulates the victory of the Egyptian nation in these elections and the presidency of Doctor Mohammed Morsi. The revolutionary movement of the Egyptian people… is in its final stages of the Islamic Awakening and a new era of change in the Middle East” (not surprisingly, at Morsi’s press conference this morning, he has called for increased Egyptian ties with Iran).

Even a kindergartner can predict what the future holds. Insofar as Israel is concerned, Egypt will now overtly embrace Gazan Hamas and allow arms to flow unimpeded across the Sinai.  Even though Morsi has already said that his government will “abide by international agreements”, he has already declared that he will demand that “certain aspects” of the Israel Egyptian peace treaty be renegotiated. Without any question, Morsi will look for the slightest “reason” to abrogate or suspend that treaty completely–and as a result, the IDF and government “leaders” in Jerusalem will become more paralyzed than ever.

Internally, the days of secular Egyptian military power are numbered. One only has to look to Turkey to see how a secularist military eventually found itself dismantled by a ruling Islamist party. It only took about 10 years from the time Erdogan was sent to prison by the Turkish military for proclaiming (from a poem) “the mosques are our barracks, believers are our soldiers and the minarets are our arms” to the arrest by Erdogan’s government of the entire upper echelon of the Turkish armed forces for treason.

Socially and religiously, Egypt is about to be plunged into the Dark Ages. Again, one thinks of Turkey, where three weeks ago a leader of Erdogan’s Islamist AK party wrote that “a woman without a headscarf resembles a house without curtains. A house without curtains is either for sale or for rent.” Not surprisingly, the same AK party passed a new law last week requiring Islamic prayer rooms in all shopping malls, movie theaters, operas, sporting arenas–and any other “public space.” 

As reported in this space previously, the new Islamist Egyptian Parliament is well down this Sharia road already wasting no time this Spring proposing:

1. Lowering the legal marriage age for women to 14 years of age.

2. Abolishing all Egyptian women’s right to education.

3. Abolishing all Egyptian women’s right to employment.

4. Approving the right of men to have sex with their wives up to six hours after their wife’s death.

In sum, there is nothing to celebrate in Morsi’s victory. Everybody has a right to be worried: “minority” Egyptians such as the Coptic Christians who will see their rights systematically taken away; Egyptian women who will be burkaed from head to food and relegated to second class citizens or worse; the Egyptian military who will try unsuccessfully to hold onto power and probably end up in prison; and Israel which will see its already “cold peace” with its largest neighbor slowly deteriorate into armed conflict.

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