The Irrelevance of Jimmy Carter and the “Elders”

UPDATE 7 am Israel time Tuesday:

There have been no new missile or mortar attacks on southern Israel overnight.

The events of yesterday, however, are worth reviewing. By 6:50 am yesterday morning, your humble servant had already reported that “at least 10 missiles and mortars” had been fired by Palestinian terrorists. The IDF and Israel mainline media continued to insist for most of the day that only “2 missiles” had been fired. By this morning, they have corrected their reports to “7 missiles”–but they still have not reported the mortars that exploded. 

I mention all of this by way of saying that the IDF and Israel mainline media cannot be trusted for accurate information. Both institutions toe the government line about under-reporting what is taking place here in the South so that no one will know how bad the situation actually is. By the way, there was not one word of any of these attacks on the Israel TV news last night.

One last point about yesterday. Regular readers to this blog will recall that a mere two weeks ago, I suggested that the day would come when Egypt would declare Gaza “off limits” to the IDF. That day came yesterday with Egypt’s Ambassador to the PLO, Yasser Othman declaring that: “Egypt objects to any Israeli attempt to increase military activity against the Gaza Strip.”

On a separate note, the third and final Presidential debate has just concluded in the U.S.–with much of the discussion centered on Israel and the Middle East. Tomorrow’s blog will analyze who said what (unless other events intervene).


Jimmy Carter with two of his somberly visaged "Elders" in Ramallah yesterday after meeting with PLO Chief Mahmoud Abbas. That is Saeb Erekat, the Palestinians' so-called "negotiator", on the right.

Jimmy Carter, one of the self-proclaimed and self-righteous “Elders”, was in Jerusalem and Ramallah yesterday doing the same thing he always does–criticizing Israel.

Despite Israel’s endless gestures for peace, despite PM Netanyahu’s endless efforts to create a two-state solution, despite the Palestinians’ continued rejection of every peace initiative, and despite the fact that the Palestinians have never made even one concession to achieve peace–everything, Carter says, is Israel’s fault.

Carter began his news conference yesterday by dredging up the old “greater Israel canard” used in the 1970s before Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Sinai, and Israel unilaterally withdrew from southern Lebanon, and Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza: “All indications to us [the Elders] are that this two-state solution has basically been abandoned and we’ve had a moving forward towards a ‘greater Israel’ which I think is contrary to the two-state solution concept.”

Never mind that the Palestinians adamantly refuse to accept a Jewish state of Israel, Carter placed all the blame on PM Netanyahu: “[The] policy of promoting a two-state solution seems to be abandoned now and we are deeply concerned about this move towards this catastrophic so-called one-state choice … this is a major concern.”

Carter also expressed his glowing support for Hamas-Fatah reconciliation and spoke approvingly of the Palestinian bid for observer-state status at the U.N.but at the end of this press conference was back to blaming Israel for the “growing isolation” of Jerusalem from “the West Bank”.

Carter’s latter comment was obviously aimed at the final Interior Ministry approval last Thursday of a plan to add 797 more apartment units to the 25,000+ person Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo–where your humble servant is heading this morning while on a trip to Jerusalem.

Note Gilo in the southwest corner of Jerusalem (the international community likes to call Gilo "East Jerusalem").

Another view of Gilo:

Note the distance of Gilo from Jerusalem's center--fewer than 10 minutes.

One last view of the Gilo “neighborhood”:

The Gilo "neighborhood".

On Saturday, FM Lieberman offered a dose of reality to the EUs, UNs, and Jimmy Carters of the world: “Gilo is an inseparable part of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem is an inseparable part of Israel. These automatic condemnations indicate a lack of a basic understanding of the reality in the region.”

Finally, the good news is that nobody in Israel, except for the equally aged leftist Shimon Peres, cares what Jimmy Carter says anymore. Neither he nor any of the other ridiculous “Elders” requested or were offered a meeting with PM Netanyahu.

Jimmy Carter and the rest of his “Elders” are simply irrelevant.

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