The Sordid Story of Shimon Peres and Jonathan Pollard


Final Update at 11:35 pm: 36 Palestinian terrorist rockets have hit communities throughout the South this evening. 

UPDATE 10 am Israel time Saturday:

Two more Palestinian terrorist rockets struck southern Israel yesterday afternoon in an attempt to kill Israeli citizens.

Weather continues be be the main story in Israel overnight with downed trees and power lines as well as flooding occurring in many locations. Eilat was especially hard hit with the city center having to be closed because of the impassibility of city streets.

It was bizarrely revealed yesterday that Tzipi Livni has been engaged in talks for the last three weeks with Israel President Shimon Peres.

What has been the purpose of these clandestine talks? Livni wants the 89-year-old Peres to run for Prime Minister in the upcoming elections with her (Livni) as the second person on the list of the Peres-Livni Party.  According to Livni, this new political party would be the only party on the “center-left” in Israel–and Peres is the only person who has the “gravitas” to lead such a party.

Apparently, Peres–at first dismissive of the idea but always receptive to flattery–has now been giving the idea serious thought (his term as President will end in July, 2014). 

This leads your humble servant to today’s blog.


Jonathan Pollard will begin serving his 28th year in prison next week. Shimon Peres is the man who put him there.

Ten days from now, on November 21st, Jonathan Pollard will begin serving his 28th year in prison–the 28th year of his unbelievable life sentence. On November 21, 1985, the day of Pollard’s arrest, Shimon Peres was the Prime Minister of Israel.  In essence,  Jonathan Pollard was passing classified American information directly to the government of Shimon Peres.   

Yet Shimon Peres’ grotesque role in sending Pollard to prison has long been known in Israel.

It has long been known that it was Shimon Peres who ordered Israeli Embassy officials in Washington, D.C to turn down Pollard’s request for political asylum when he arrived on the grounds of the Embassy on that November day in 1985. The second that Pollard was unceremoniously dumped on the street by Israeli security guards he was arrested by the FBI.

It has long been known that it was Shimon Peres who agreed to turn over the documents that Pollard had taken so that they could be used at Pollard’s trial. In fact, the 1987 Knesset-commissioned Eban report, which investigated the Pollard affair, harshly criticized Shimon Peres: “The consent of Prime Minister Shimon Peres to return the documents delivered by Pollard was fundamentally mistaken and caused serious damage. These documents constituted the basis for the conviction and life sentence that Pollard received . . .”

In a shocking interview in yesterday’s Yediot Aharanot newspaper, the further complicity of Shimon Peres was laid bare.

In that interview, Rafi Eitan–Pollard’s contact in the Israeli government–revealed that Shimon Peres personally ordered him to incriminate Pollard when he [Eitan] testified at Pollard’s trial:  

“When I testified, I felt a myriad of emotions. I had a deep feeling that I should not talk to the Americans about the episode, because they certainly did not want what was best for Pollard. But on the other hand, I am a disciplined soldier. I have never acted against the government’s orders, even when I thought we should be acting differently.”

In sycophantically bowing to the dictates of the then Reagan administration, Peres displayed a sycophantic fealty to the United States that he has followed throughout his later life–illustrated most recently by his gushing over President Obama during the American presidential campaign (not surprising since Obama had awarded Peres with the U.S Presidential Medal of Freedom in June of this year).

Jonathan Pollard has languished in prison--denied freedom-- for almost 28 years. Here Obama awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom. If there was ever a more undeserved award, your humble servant would like to know what it was.

It is a supreme irony that we Americans would award a medal of freedom to a man who so readily took away another man’s freedom. Shimon Peres’ betrayal of Jonathan Pollard is just one more facet of his sordid public “service” to Israel.  

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