The Absolute Insanity of the Israeli Government in Southern Israel

UPDATE 5:30 pm Israel time Sunday:

The city of Jerusalem has been on special alert for a possible Palestinian suicide bomber since 3:30 this afternoon.


As this blog has been reporting unlike virtually any other news source, the rocket and mortar attacks on southern Israel continue unabated. 

Last night was no exception as Israeli men, women, and children living in the communities that border Gaza were once again rousted out of their beds in the middle of the night and sent running to their bomb shelters by screeching sirens warning of incoming terrorist missiles.

At least one Qassam exploded in the Eshkol region. No physical injuries were reported, but what is the emotional trauma of being awakened night after night (this time at 12:06 am) and having to run for your life?

And once again, what has been the IDF response? The same vaunted IDF which vowed that it would “never” let this situation begin again after the Hamas rocket attacks in November, has once again done absolutely nothing. Zero. Zilch.

Well, not exactly. The IDF COGAT Unit announced that the Kerem Shalom Crossing will be opened today so that 350 truckloads of gravel, cement, fuel, and “humanitarian aid” will be delivered to Gaza.

Can you believe this?  Hamas fires missiles at us, and we send supplies to them.

Where is the sanity in this absurd situation? Where are the politicians who flocked to southern Israel during the last election campaign and vowed their eternal support for southern Israelis?  Nowhere to be seen.


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