The Nasrallah Factor

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time Tuesday:

**The situation in Judea and Samaria continues to deteriorate.

Last night saw multiple Molotov cocktail and “rock” throwing incidents.

Here is a brief summary from this morning alone: at 7:44, Palestinian rioters threw “rocks” at an IDF post near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron; at 9:00, Palestinian terrorists assaulted an Israeli motorist near Al-Khader on the Jerusalem-Hebron road; at 9:19, Palestinians rioters through “rocks” at the main Hebron yeshiva; at 9:22, Palestinian terrorists stoned Israeli motorists on the Benjamin bypass road; at 9:38, Palestinians again “stoned” the IDF outpost at the Cave of the Patriarchs; at 10:24 and at 10:59, Palestinians again threw “rocks” at Al-Khader; at 11:28, Palestinian terrorists threw rocks at vehicles at the northern entrance to Efrat.

These assaults were the subject of a Knesset speech today by MK Reuven Rivlin who said that the continuing images of Israeli soldiers coming under attack and not responding–and even retreating–are unacceptable. As Rivlin pointed out, far from this IDF non-response having a calming effect in Judea and Samara, it has exacerbated the situation with Palestinians knowing that they can now attack at will and with impunity.


The situation in Lebanon also continues to deteriorate with Hezbollah strongholds in the Bekaa Valley being hit by at least 4 missiles this morning. There are reports of Hezbollah fighters going AWOL to escape the fighting, and other reports that a Shi’ite leader in Iraq has refused Hassan Nasrallah’s call to provide more “soldiers” to support Hezbollah in and around Damascus.

Meanwhile, the number of Hezbollah dead continues to mount with new lists of those killed in Syria being published everyday. 104 Hezbollah fighters have been killed in Syria in the last week alone:

The morning list: 104 more Hezbollah fighters killed in Lebanon in the last week.

The morning list from Hezbollah: 104 more dead Hezbollah “fighters”.

Obviously with so many terrorists dying, funerals are taking place around the clock in southern Lebanon:

A dead Hezbollah terrorist's funeral this morning in southern Lebanon.

A dead Hezbollah terrorist’s funeral this morning in southern Lebanon.

Another funeral this morning:

One of many funerals in southern Lebanon now happening everyday.

One of many funerals in southern Lebanon now happening everyday.

In fact, the internet is flooded with pictures from at least 20 different funerals this morning:


It is difficult for your humble servant to look at the above pictures without a smile on his face. As we all know, the only good Hezbollah terrorist is a dead Hezbollah terrorist. 

The danger, of course, is that as Nasrallah becomes increasingly cornerned, he will decide to lash out at Israel–particularly because he is more heavily armed than ever before after raiding Assad’s weapon repositories.

In this context, your humble servant suspects that it will not be long before Hezbollah launches some sort of “operation” against Israel–designed to drag Israel into war.

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