The Extraordinary Gift of Sarit and Avi Naor

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time Sunday:

*Fires are ablaze across Israel with firefighters spread thinly in the Jezreel Valley, Golan Heights, and at the entrance of Jerusalem (in the Liftah area).

Arson is, and always has been, one of the primary weapons of Palestinian terrorists. It never ceases to astonish your humble servant that the world buys into the mythic “Palestinian love of the land” canard when the Palestinians are willing to destroy it at the drop of a match. 

*It is Rosh Chodesh (the first of Tammuz) today so another confrontation took place at the Kotel with the Women at the Wall and their supporters donning prayer shawls and phylacteries and attempting to pray. Hundreds of ultra-orthodox women turned out to exercise their own free speech in protesting against the group, but they were quickly blocked by the Jerusalem Police.

After all, the ultra-orthodox are now branded as “lawbreakers”. As one of the ultra-orthodox said this afternoon, “The police did everything they could to help the Women at the Wall except serve them coffee.”


One can only imagine that this picture is being transmitted around the Arab world as an example of Israeli brutality.

One can only imagine that this picture is being transmitted around the Arab world as an example of Israeli brutality.

Speaking of the evil orthodox, it has now been a week since the orthodox Sarit and Avi Naor donated their dead son Noam’s kidney to save a Palestinian boy from Bethlehem.

Noam, a three year old, died in a fall from a window in his parents’ apartment. After consulting with  orthodox rabbis who encouraged them to donate his kidney to the 10 year old Palestinian child, the parents gave the kidney to the Palestinian family and the transplant took place at Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petah Tikva.

The Palestinian boy had been on dialysis for the last seven years at Israel’s Shaare Zadek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

A grieving Sarit Naor had only this to say: “I hope this case will lead only to peace.”

Ironically, while the Palestinian parents expressed gratitude for the donated kidney, they refused to release their names (note that the mask the father is wearing in the above picture has two functions) because of fear of reprisals from the Palestinian community.

Can you believe this? How can Israel make peace with a Palestinian people who would exact retribution from a Palestinian family only seeking to keep their own son alive? 

One fact is certain. This Palestinian boy will be stigmatized by Palestinian society for the rest of his life because he is carrying a “Jewish” kidney. 





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