Tomer Chazan (1993-2013): The Bitter Fruit of Lessons Learned

UPDATES 6 am Israel time, Sunday, September 22 2013:

*A follow up from yesterday’s blog: remember the information about how the European Union is now demanding explanations from Israel about why their “humanitarian truck” was seized in the Jordan valley and why their “envoys” were detained.

Last night, we were all able to see a video on Israeli television that one of these supposed “envoys” provoking the confrontation by hitting an Israeli officer in the face. This morning, Israel is demanding an explanation of this behavior from the European Union.

*The updates section of this blog will be somewhat shorter today as your humble servant is on his way to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron–after a trip to the Erez Crossing on the Gaza border yesterday. More about these two trips tomorrow in israelstreet.


Tomer Chazan was a child of Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, and the Oslo Accords. Born in 1993, he learned all of the lessons of how Israelis have to coexist with the Palestinians. He grew up in Bat Yam believing in tolerance, believing that Israelis must reach out a hand to those who have sworn to kill us.

In the end, these lessons and these beliefs cost Tomer Chazan his life.

A sergeant in the Israel Air Force, Tomer still worked in a Bat Yam Restaurant, Zahi Meats, in his spare time. While there he befriended Nidal Amar*–a Palestinian more than twice his age. Did he know that Amar’s brother had been in an Israeli prison for more than a decade for his part in numerous terrorist attacks including an attempted suicide bombing? Perhaps we will never know.

All we do know is that when Amar invited Tomer to visit him Friday morning at his home in Beit Amin, a Palestinian settlement near Qalqilya, Tomer readily accepted. After all, Amar was his friend, and what could happen? He had obviously internalized the lesson that older Palestinians are no threat–after all they are given permits to work in Israel and allowed easier access to places like the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. ┬áSo he got into a taxi with Amar and rode out to Shaarei Tikva, a Jewish community near Beit Amin.

Once there, the two began to walk toward Beit Amin.

After this the details have not yet been revealed, but at some point Amar took his friend Tomer through an open field north of the Palestinian settlement of Siniria where he met his [Amar’s] brother, murdered Tomer with his brother’s help, and dumped Tomer’s body into a 7 meter deep well. It turns out that his plan was to use Tomer’s body to bargain for his brother’s release.

And why would he think that he might be successful? Because the terrorist Amar had learned the lesson taught by a parade of Israeli governments which have exchanged prisoners for dead Israelis.

Undoubtedly many more details will emerge about Tomer’s murder in the coming days, but this blog will end today with the words of the manager of Zahi Meats: “Everybody was working with Nadal everyday, and he showed no signs that he hates Jews–in fact, just the opposite.”

Your humble servant leaves it to you, dear reader, to think about what the manager of Zahi Meats said and to draw your own conclusions. The lesson that we should learn is an easy one.

*Addendum: Apparently there are various forms of his name being reported today: Nidal–and Amar, Amer, and Omar.

*Addendum 2: Readers using google chrome as their browser may be experiencing troubles reading this blog today. You may want to try Firefox or Internet Explorer.


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