Israel’s Support Of Hamas Comes Out Of The Closet

UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Thursday, September 26 2013:

*Another day and evening of “rock” throwing riots on the Temple Mount with police entering the Al-Aksa Mosque to try to arrest the “rock” throwers. Yesterday afternoon, a family driving on the Mt. of Olives was nearly murdered when their car windows were all smashed and the “rock” throwers took aim at them. Police finally arrived, chased away (not captured) the terrorists, and rushed the wounded to Hadassah Hospital.

*Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister, Yuval Steinetz, went to great lengths to tell reporters at the United Nations yesterday about how Israel is doing everything it can to help the Palestinians. Specifically, he mentioned the issuing of 5000 new work permits and the approval of construction materials into Gaza.

What the Netanyahu government just cannot grasp is how any assistance at all reinforces the idea in the world’s mind that Israel “occupies” the “West Bank” and Gaza. Far from making Israel more palatable to the world, it makes Israel more reviled.  In regard to Gaza, it doesn’t make any difference that Israel withdrew almost a decade ago; the foolish actions of the Netanyahu government reinforce the absurd idea that Gaza is under Israeli control.

*In Egypt, the government closed down the newspaper of the Muslim Brotherhood yesterday, and the Egyptian Foreign Minister called for severing diplomatic relations with Turkey. Meanwhile, several Egyptian policemen were killed in Ismailiya.

*So now the secret Israel concession talks are no longer secret–the U.S. has joined the Palestinians in telling the world what is going on. Yesterday at the U.N., amidst the lovefest for Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, John Kerry went into great detail about not only the process of the talks but also their content.

Kerry says that there are two tracks:

Track 1 is comprised of talks between Barack Obama, John Kerry, Mahmoud Abbas, and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Track 2 is comprised of talks between Saeb Erekat and Mohammed Shetayyeh on one side and  Tzipi Livni and Yitzhak Molcho on the other (though Livni is not really on the Israeli side).

According to Kerry, the Track 2 “negotiators” have met 7 times since the attempts to wring more concession out of Israel began on July 29.  Kerry said that Abbas and Netanyahu had not met. According to Kerry,  the concession talks will now be “accelerated” with more American “participation”–Martin Indyk and his aide Frank Lowenstein will become intimately involved in Track 2.

What this really means is that we will now have Erekat, Shetayyeh, Indyk, Lowenstein, and Livni on the Palestinian side, and Molcho on the Israeli side. 

The U.S. is now fully committed to the Palestinian side.

The U.S. is now fully committed to the Palestinian side.

Of course, in pursuing this acceleration with U.S. participation, the U.S. is following the party line of the Palestinians hook, line, and sinker. Since the concession talks began, Mahmoud Abbas has been pushing for greater U.S. involvement. The Kerry camp also revealed that the next “round” of talks will focus on borders, security arrangements, and water.

By the way, all talks are on hold until the “goddess of peace” herself,  Tzipi Livni, returns from Washington, D.C. where she is scheduled to address the left-wing J Street organization–an organization wholly committed to forcing Israel to make ever greater concessions to the Palestinians.


For some two years now, your humble servant has been reporting about the extraordinary actions that Israel has undertaken to prop up Hamas. 

These actions have included not retaliating when Hamas launches missiles and mortars against southern Israel, providing huge amounts of “construction material” to Hamas (even though that material that can be used to make missiles), doubling the water supply to Hamas, operating seminars to help Hamasniks export more products, and even laundering hundreds of millions of dirty dollars that Hamas operatives suitcase into Gaza into clean Israeli shekels.

No doubt at some point, dear reader,  you thought that your humble servant was engaging in a fanciful conspiracy theory by exaggerating Israel’s support for Hamas.

After yesterday, however, there is no doubt. For the first time, we have official confirmation that Israeli policy is now to support Hamas in every way possible.

Turgeman is second from the left in this photo.

Turgeman is second from the left in this photo.

In an astonishing interview given to Israel’s Channel 2 news, IDF Southern Commander, Major General Sami Turgeman said that Israel now supports Hamas, the Islamist movement dedicated to Israel’s destruction: “What we want is calm and security in the Gaza Strip. Hamas, currently the sovereign power in the territory, has the means and the know-how. I see no alternative to control being exercised by Hamas.”

Turgeman went on to absurdly praise Hamas for “stopping” most of the “sporadic rocket fire” from Gaza–a claim that is nothing more than a bald-faced lie. If you look in the right hand column, you will note that during the last 300 days–since the “ceasefire” on November 21, 2012–134 rockets and mortars have struck southern Israel–approximately 1 every 2 days.

Turgeman then extraordinarily revealed that Israel has even gone to Cairo to ask the Egyptians to ease off their pressure on Hamas arguing that the more pressure Hamas feels from Egypt, the more likely Hamas is to attack Israel. In other words, Israel and the IDF remain terrified of Hamas and what it might do.

Can you even believe this? At the very moment that Egypt fearlessly has put Hamas on the ropes (something that Israel has never been able to do), Israel has now come out of the closet as Hamas’ best friend. The generals in Egypt must be shaking their heads in utter disbelief.

So is your humble servant.

It reminds one of what happened back in the 1990s in the prelude to Oslo. At that time, Israel went to extraordinary lengths to rehabilitate the PLO–to make terrorists like Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas “partners for peace.” And what did that get us?

More than two decades of intensified terrorism that continues to this day.

But never mind, Israel never learns from history; let’s befriend Hamas and help it rearm so that it can hit us even harder next time.


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