There Was No History Before Mohammed And Islam

UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Thursday, October 10 2013:

**All of Israel stands proudly today with two of the Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry who were announced yesterday being Israeli-American citizens and the third having close ties with the country.


Arieh Warshel was born in Israel, and Michael Levitt moved here after leaving South Africa. Much of Martin Karplus‘ family lives here–with his daughter being a practicing physician in Jerusalem.

Warshel and Levitt were the 11th and 12th Israelis to receive a Nobel Prize. The preceding ten were: Dan Shectman (2011, Chemistry), Ada Yonath (2009, Chemistry), Robert Aumann (2005, Economics), Aaron Ciechanover (2004, Chemistry), Avram Hershko (2004, Chemistry), Daniel Kahneman (2002, Economics), Yitzhak Rabin (1994, Peace), Shimon Peres (1994, Peace), Menachem Begin (1979, Peace), Shmuel Yosef Agnon (1966, Literature).

By the way, the fact that Warshel (University of Southern California) and Levitt (Stanford University) are both professors in the United States underscores the point made in yesterday’s israelstreet blog–Israel must develop the financial resources and infrastructure to provide its top scientists jobs here.

A final note: perhaps a future Israeli Nobel Prize winner is starting down the path. Mathematics wizard Anastasia Waller, aged 10, won the 10 and under European chess championship yesterday in Montenegro. When asked for a comment, she simply said“The game is not difficult at all.”

**The Palestinians are beginning to make noises that they are ready to abandon peace talks with Israel yet again. In an interview yesterday, PLO Executive Committee member Hanna Amireh accused Benjamin Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni of “playing for time” and offered these observations:  “All the previous sessions of negotiations have nor produced anything. We are now seriously discussing the nature of our steps in the aftermath of the collapse of the negotiations.”

Those steps of course are the ones that the Palestinians wanted to take before being dragged kicking and screaming into the current Israeli concessions talks, namely seeking full recognition at the United Nations. However, we can expect that there will be no walkout until more Palestinian terrorists are released by Benjamin Netanyahu.

If the Palestinian talk about planning for failure and walking out seems vaguely familiar, it should. It was precisely the same tack that the Palestinians took when confronted with the peace proposals of Ehud Olmert back in 2007 (click here to read the private exchanges) when Saeb Erekat–the same PLO negotiator as today–instructed his minions to come up with a way to avoid talking and to walk away from the “negotiations” without being blamed.

**Palestinians threw “rocks” and Molotov cocktails yesterday at Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers in the Shuafat and Silwan neighborhoods of Jerusalem, Azzun, Binyamin, Yitzhar, Qalqilya, and Hebron. Cars were damaged and men, women, and children were traumatized; fortunately, there were no “serious” physical injuries. Two Palestinians were captured after cutting through the perimeter security fence in Elazar.  Near Tulkarm, Palestinians unsuccessfully attempted to burn a IDF post by setting fire to the surrounding fields.

This picture from two nights ago shows how Palestinian terrorists set fire to a tire to try to burn through a Samarian community's security fence (picture source: 404).

This picture from two nights ago shows how Palestinian terrorists set fire to a tire to try to burn through a Samarian community’s security fence (picture source: 404).

**On the Golan Heights, two IDF soldiers were wounded by shrapnel from Syrian mortar shells that struck their IDF post. Ridiculously, the IDF termed the mortar shells “strays” even though they happened to hit the IDF post exactly. And even though they were termed “strays”, the IDF then proceeded to destroy the mortar launcher with an air strike.

**The Obama Administration “froze” aid to Egypt yesterday, a move certain to anger the Egyptian military even more. Specifically, the White House has stopped the transfer of $260,000,000 in cash, frozen a $300,000,000 future loan that was in the pipeline, and halted shipments of tanks, F16s, Apache helicopters, and Harpoon missiles. In a striking display of support for the Muslim Brotherhood,  White House spokesman Jay Carney said that U.S. “interest” is to “encourage a government that reflects the will of the Egyptian people and respect for human rights . . . we cannot continue business as usual.”

Roughly translated this simply means that President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood should be returned to power. In fact, he is going on trial on November 7th.

One last thought: one wonders how the vast U.S. military support for unelected monarchies such as those in Saudi Arabia and Jordan fits into the new American position on Egypt? The hypocrisy of the Obama White House is astonishing. 


Back on Monday, Israeli-Arab Knesset Member Ibrahim Abdullah, issued a press release which only came to light yesterday. Abdullah, who is the head of one of the main Arab political parties in Israel–the United Arab List (UAL), never misses an opportunity to wave the Palestinian flag or castigate Israel for anything and everything.

And while his press release was completely unsurprising to anyone who lives in Israel and hears this kind of nonsense all the time, your humble servant thought that it might be instructive to reveal the two main points of that press release and the sheer depth of Islamic ignorance that they display.

Point 1: According to Abdullah, the Koran clearly shows that Abraham was a Muslim as were Isaac and Jacob. How, Abdullah asks, could Abraham have been a Jew if he lived 1300 years before there any Jews? 

Point 2: According to Abdullah, the Koran clearly distinguishes between the “people of Israel” who came first and “Moses and the Jews” who came afterwards. More than this, Abdullah says, the reason that Moses’ “followers” are called “Jews” is because they rejected his attempt to give them “Sharia Law”“Jews” are only mentioned in the Koran in a negative context to indicate they strayed from Islam.

Is it any wonder that the Palestinians are now trying to claim Jewish history as their own?

Abraham lived 1300 years before there were any Jews? Where does Abdullah think that the Jewish religion came from?  How about the fact that Abraham lived more than 2000 years before Mohammed “graced the world” with the evil of Islam?  

This is the same sort of time displacement that we see elsewhere in the Koran where it is written that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was also the sister of Aaron and Moses. In other words, Moses was Jesus’ maternal uncle. Of course this would mean that the Pharoahs were ruling Egypt at the same time that the Romans were occupying Judea. 


And the Ten Commandments were the original Sharia Law?

What can you say other than the Muslim view of history is that there was no history before Mohammed and Islam. Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, and everyone else were Muslims.   


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