Israel Is Not Only Growing Older–It’s Growing Younger

UPDATES 9:30 am Israel time, Tuesday, November 19 2013:

**The Palestinian Authority (aka the PLO) spirals ever deeper into debt–with its total amount owed of 4.2 billion dollars increasing by the minute. Palestinian cities such as Jericho are now beginning to have electrical outages because of non-payment of utilities.

It is in this context that the Palestinian Authority/PLO has granted a minimum of $50,000 to each terrorist murderer who has just been (or will be) released by Israel.

In addition to this grant, each terrorist murderer is guaranteed by law to receive a public sector job. Murderers imprisoned for more than 25 years receive a “job” with a monthly salary of $4000 (14,000 shekels). Murderers imprisoned for less than 25 years receive a “job” with a monthly salary of $2,800 (10,000 shekels).

More than this, each terrorist murderer who is unmarried will have his wedding completely paid for by the Palestinian Authority/PLO.

A good example of how all of this works is that of terrorist murderer Issa Abed Rabbo–who brutally slaughtered young Israeli students Revital Seri and Ron Levi while they were hiking south of Jerusalem on October 22, 1984.

Revital Seri.

Revital Seri

The “heroic” Rabbo ambushed them, bound them with ropes, tied a bag over each of their heads, and then shot them to death. Now described by Mahmoud Abbas asone of our nation’s symbols and one of our greatest leaders”, Abbo has just received a $60,000 grant, a job that pays $4000 monthly, and an all-expenses-paid wedding.

The obvious question you should be asking yourself, dear reader, is simply “where is the money to pay for all of this coming from?”

**The answer to this question was partly supplied by French President Hollande yesterday who pledged an emergency “budgetary support” package of 10 million Euros to the PA/PLO. These 10 million Euros are in addition to the 50,000,000 Euros that France already supplies to the PA/PLO each year. And all of this money is just from France.

Imagine how much money is actually flowing into the coffers of the PA/PLO from other European countries. Into the coffers of the PA/PLO and on into the pockets of corrupt PA/PLO officials and terrorist murderers.

**Hollande’s visit continued yesterday with the French president calling for an end to “settlements” and a division of Jerusalem. He also called for the Palestinians to recognize Israeli as a Jewish country and to show “greater flexibility” on the issue of the so-called “Palestinian refugees”. On this latter point, Abbas indicated yesterday that there could be no flexibility.


(Picture source:

(Picture source:

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics released some fascinating numbers yesterday that show that the population of the ancient land of Israel is younger than ever.

Once considered relatively old–mainly because of the influx of middle-aged and even elderly Jews from north Africa, Europe, and the former Soviet Union–Israel’s population is now increasingly composed of “children” under the age of 17.

In fact, more than 33% of the population of Israel now falls into this “17 and under” category.

Here are some of the facts (all numbers are for 2012):

*2.626 million children now live in Israel (171,000 babies were born in 2012: 125,400 to Jewish women, and 36,000 to Muslim women)

*Of this number of 2.626 million, 1.846 million (70%) are Jewish

–8% of these Jewish children live in single-parent homes

*Of this number of 2.626 million, 702,000 (27%) are Arabs

–6% of all Arab children live in single-parent homes

*Of the 702,000 Arab children: 619,000 are Muslims; 46,400 are Druze; 36,400 are Christians

*Of the number of 2.626 million children, 3% (78,000) are from non-Arab Christian families and families that claim no religion

*40% of Jerusalem is 17 or under while only 20% of the population of Tel Aviv is.

*The two cities with the highest numbers of households with children are the predominantly orthodox city of Bnei Brak (3.5) and Jerusalem (3.1).

And what are the top children’s names (in order, beginning with most popular)?

For Jewish girls: Noa, Shira, Tamar, Talia, Maya, Yael, Sarah, Adele, Ayela, Michal

For Jewish boys: Noam, Uri, Itai, Joseph, David, Jonathan, Daniel, Ariel, Moshe, Eitan

For Arab girls: Miriam (Maryam), Lin, Ra’af, Li-Ann, Rimas, Hala, Nur, Bis-An, Malek, Aya

For Arab boys: Mohammed, Ahmed, Machmed, Yusef, Adam, Abed, Omer, Ali, Mahmoud, Amir

Your humble finds all of these statistics and facts comforting. The Israel of today is a child-oriented country–an orientation which constantly brings vitality and promise for Israel’s future.   


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