Southern Israel Under Heavy Rocket Attack Again: Continuous updates

Update 3 am Israel time Thursday:

1:29 am: Two more Palestinian rockets struck the Eshkol region of southern Israel.

Sderot: pockmarked by rocket explosions (picture: walla).

Sderot: pockmarked again by rocket explosions (picture: walla).

The IAF continues striking terror targets:

The Gaza landscape overnight (picture: Reuters/Whitehead).

The Gaza landscape overnight (picture: Reuters/Whitehead).


Update 12 am Israel time Thursday:

Two more Palestinian rockets have exploded in the Chof Ashkelon region of southern Israel.

Official Number of Rockets Fired At Southern Israel in the last 7 hours: 72

(Unofficial number 102).

IAF reports strikes on an Islamic Jihad base in Beit Lahiya, a rocket launcher in Beit Hanoun west of Rafah, and a rocket base near Khan Younis.  


Update 11 pm Israel time Wednesday: 

From 4:45 pm this afternoon until 11 pm a few minutes ago, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have launched between 65 (the IDF “official number) and 105 (the more accurate “Islamic Jihad” number) at southern Israel in an area ranging from Sha’ar Hanegev to Sderot. 

The IAF has hit 29 “terror sites” in Gaza during the same time period.

Updates will continue every hour through the night.


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