Watch the Video of Yesterday’s Abuse on the Temple Mount

UPDATES 7:00 pm Israel time, Thursday, April 24 2014:

*The Israeli security cabinet has just voted unanimously to suspend all “peace” talks with Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO/PA.

*There has been another mortar attack on southern Israel today at around 12:30 pm. Palestinian terrorists in Gaza targeted an IDF patrol as well as Jewish communities in the area. No physical wounds were reported.

*U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East continues to stumble incoherently from one blunder to the next. This morning, the Obama Administration–through the State Department–announced that it is now going to supply the Egyptian military with 10 Apache helicopters.

Of course, this comes after the Obama Administration threw Hosni Mubarak under the bus and cut off all military aid to Egypt following the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood. And it comes after General Al-Sisi negotiated a $3 billion arms deal with Russia. And it comes after the Egyptians claimed today that they now have the situation in the Sinai firmly under military control.

In other words, Obama and Kerry are once again a day late and a dollar short.  

*Speaking of U.S. aid, we now have the same Obama Administration and State Department suggesting this morning that it may have to “reconsider” U.S. aid to the PLO/PA should the unity agreement between the PLO and Hamas be completed.

“Reconsider”? Lest we all forget, Hamas is classified as a terrorist organization by the United States. Are we supposed to believe that the U.S. Congress will transfer American money to a terrorist entity? The Obama Administration will be forced to do more than “reconsider.”


Two of the Jewish children verbally attacked by a Muslim mob of adults on the Temple Mount yesterday (picture: arutzsheva).

Two of the terrorized Jewish children verbally attacked and spit on by a Muslim mob of adults on the Temple Mount yesterday (picture: arutzsheva).

If you ever wanted to see the true face of the “Palestinians”, your humble servant would encourage you to watch the video that accompanies this blog today.

Yesterday, a group of orthodox men and their young children were finally permitted to walk across the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This permission was granted by the Jerusalem Police after nearly 10 days of the Mount being closed to Jews, a closure that encompassed the entire Passover holiday. The closure took place because of a Hamas takeover of the Al-Aksa Mosque which the Jerusalem Police and the Netanyahu government cravenly allowed to happen. 

As you watch the video below, your humble servant would ask you to consider the following points:

*The Temple Mount is sovereign Israeli territory.

*The Temple Mount is the holiest place in Judaism.

*Note the terror on the faces of the children–most of whom appear to be 5 years old or younger.

*Note rage on the faces of the Arabs as they verbally abuse the fathers and children–even to the point of spitting on them.

*Note the age of the Arabs.

*Note the Arab women leading the attack.

*As you watch the video, consider how we got to this point. We got to this point by the Israeli government permitting the Islamic Wakf to run the Mount; we got to this point by the Israeli government trying to be politically correct and kowtowing to international interests; we got to this point by the Israeli government being afraid.

*As you watch the video, consider what the international outcry would have been if Arabic children going to the Dome of the Rock or the Al-Aksa Mosque had been subjected to the same abuse by Jewish Israelis.

*Finally, as you watch the video,  consider what it says about freedom of religion. What would happen if the Palestinians ever regained complete control of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount? They would unceremoniously kick the Jews out–just as they did with their Jordanian friends back in 1948.

Click here for the video.



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