There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

UPDATES 8 am Israel time, Tuesday, June 3 2014:

**As one might expect when one terrorist group joins another, the new PLO-Hamas government has wasted no time in accelerating violence against Israel on all fronts. 

At 9:05 pm last night, Palestinian terrorists opened fire on Israeli motorists traveling along Highway 55 near Azzun. Just over an hour later at 10:10 pm, the residents of southern Israel were sent scrambling to their bomb shelters by more incoming rockets from Gaza. Three hours later, there was an assault on a Border Guard position at the Tapuach Junction near Ariel in Samaria. Two hours after that, more terrorists assaulted an Israeli bus at the Hizma Junction.

**Meanwhile, earlier in the day, the situation on the Syrian/Lebanese border deteriorated even further as 7 mortars were fired directly at the IDF on Mt. Hermon. It still remains somewhat unclear whether these were fired by Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, or Assad forces in Syria.

**Two “great” quotes reported yesterday:

Ismail Haniyeh, Gazan Hamas chief, speaking 5 days ago in Gaza concerning Hamas’ “peaceful” intentions:

“With the help of Allah, the [Hamas] resistance which which freed the Gaza Strip, will soon liberate Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the rest of Palestine.”  

A judge in an Egyptian appeals court yesterday affirming the death sentences handed down to supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood: 

“They [the Muslim Brotherhood]  came out of the depths of hell… to plunder Egypt’s wealth, tyrannize its people and kill the deputy commissioner. [They] are demons and enemies of the nation and used mosques to promote the teachings of their Jewish holy book, the Talmud.”

The latter quote is so bizarre that it defies explanation except to say that Jews are the source of every problem–including the Muslim Brotherhood.


Some days your humble servant does not know whether to laugh or cry. 

There is the amazing story out of Jerusalem this morning*  that the Netanyahu government was “shocked” yesterday by the Obama Administration’s warm and rapid embrace of the new PLO-Hamas government. 

Apparently, Netanyahu and his minions had been duped once again into believing the U.S. State Department line yesterday morning that it would adopt a “wait and see” attitude about what the new Palestinian government looked like before deciding whether to support it.

Apparently, Netanyahu and his minions had no idea that the U.S. State Department was merely waiting to see when the Israeli government would march out on a plank so that they could cut it off and further isolate Israel.

Therefore, it came as a “shock” when just two hours after the Netanyahu Security Cabinet announced to the world that it would sever contacts with the Palestinians that the U.S. rushed to the podium to declare its support for PLO-Hamas unity.

And still,  the Netanyahu folks didn’t get it.

According to the same report on Ynet, an unnamed Israeli source in the Coalition said this following the State Department announcement:

“If the American administration wants to promote peace, it must call on Abu Mazen to put an end to the agreement with Hamas and return to the negotiations with Israel. Instead, the administration is letting Abu Mazen believe that forming a government with a terror organization is acceptable.”

Is it really possible that Benjamin Netanyahu still doesn’t get that it was never the Obama Administration intention to promote peace?

Is it really possible that Israel still does not know that every step the Obama Administration has taken has been to wring concessions out of Israel in support of the Palestinians–and that no amount of concessions will ever appease the Americans?

Is it really possible that Israel still does not know the extent to which the Obama Adminstation has embraced Hamas during the last six years–because, quite simply, it really does not see Hamas as a terrorist organization at all?

Is it really possible that Israel still does not know that even if Obama and Kerry ever thought that Hamas was a terror organization, there is no red line that the Americans will not cross–whether it be with Syrian chemical weapons, Iranian nuclear weapons, or with the Hamas charter that calls for Israel’s destruction?

Is it really possible that Israel still does not know that whatever the Palestinians do–shoot rockets at Israel, attempt suicide attacks, assault soldiers, support boycotts against Israel, attempt to delegitimize Israel in every international forum, or ply for membership in every United Nations organization, they will always have the Obama Adminstration’s support? 

Is it really possible that Israel still does not know that whatever gestures it makes for peace–freezing construction in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria; releasing 78 Palestinian murderers; and proposing peace plan after peace plan (those of Barak and Olmert), the U.S. and the world will always blame Israel and only Israel for the failure to make peace.

And finally, is it really possible that Israel still does not understand that the U.S. has moved on? Negotiations are dead. Barack Obama and John Kerry supported PLO-Hamas rapprochement from Day One and let Abu Mazen know it.

Your humble servant’s dear departed father had a favorite expression that he used to describe the willful way that some people refuse to see the reality that is staring them in the face:

“There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

This is our misfortune in Israel this morning–to be led by a Prime Minister and a government that willfully and dangerously ignores reality.

*(as reported on YNet News)

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