UNRWA and the PCBS: Colluding Once Again To Falsify Population Numbers


It has now been 8 days since Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16 were kidnapped and last seen alive. Wherever you are, support the campaign to “Bring Our Boys Home”.

UPDATES 10 am Israel time, Saturday, June 21 2014:

*Two hours and 15 minutes ago, at 7:45 on this sunny Shabbat morning here in southern Israel, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired rockets into the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council area. No physical wounds to Israeli men, women, and children have been reported.

*The search operation for the 3 missing Israeli teenagers has intensified overnight with the IDF bringing in more soldiers to seal off Hebron and surrounding Palestinian settlements.

*The Obama Administration has asked Israel for more information on two Palestinians who were killed yesterday as the search area widened. One of them, Mustafa Aslan, a terrorist in Qalandiya, was shot in the head after the terrorists he was with threw a hand grenade at Israeli soldiers.

*Further evidence of how Iraq is breaking apart: for the first time in history, an oil tanker from Kurdistan is docked at the port in Ashkelon and is discharging its cargo.

*The Duchifat 1, a “nano-satellite” named for Israel’s national bird, was taken into orbit last night by a Russian rocket. The satellite was designed and built by 40 Israeli high school students at the Herzliya Science Center. It is only 10 cm long and weighs 860 grams.

The tiny Duchifat-1 satellite now orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes (photo: Times of Israel).

The tiny Duchifat-1 satellite now orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes (photo: Times of Israel).

The Duchifat will enable a lost traveler at any location in the world–but especially in areas with no telephone reception–to send a message to the satellite which will relay it to a control center in Herzliya. You may want to get the Duchifat app on your phone today.


Refugees were exposed to harsh conditions (photo: JPost).

Refugees were exposed to harsh conditions following the 1948 War for Independence. But these refugees were Jews arriving through the desert to Israel (photo: JPost).

The subject of so-called Palestinian “refugees” has always been an interesting one as the Palestinians have always sought to wildly inflate both the number of Palestinians who fled Israel in 1948 and the number of Palestinian “refugees” that exist today.

The Palestinians have been primarily aided in their quest for victimhood by the abominable UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, which was founded on December 8, 1949. This violently anti-Israel United Nations organization eventually produced the following definition of a Palestinian “refugee”:

A “Palestine refugee” is a person “whose normal place of residence was Palestine between June 1946 and May 1948, who lost both their homes and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict” and all of the “patrilineal descendants” of the “original refugees.” In 1967, this definition was expanded to include Palestinians who were displaced as a result of the 1967 Israeli-Arab war.

Refugees fleeing the "West Bank" after the 1967 war. Of course, this picture is of Jews who were being ethnically cleansed by the Palestinians and Jordanians:note the Torahs. Picture: sullivan-county.com/.

Refugees fleeing the “West Bank” after the 1967 war. Of course, this picture is of Jews who were being ethnically cleansed by the Palestinians and Jordanians: note the Torahs. Picture: sullivan-county.com/.

To begin with, no matter which side of the Israeli-Palestinian divide you happen to be on, the number of Palestinians who fled Palestine in 1948 is, in the final analysis, an estimate. Even though there are census records available, those census records are notoriously incomplete.

The usual number produced by the Palestinian supporters is that 711,000 Arabs out of a total population of 900,000 left the new country of Israel.  This estimate comes from the General Progress Report and Supplementary Report of the United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine, Covering the Period from 11 December 1949 to 23 October 1950  published by the United Nations Conciliation Commission on October 23, 1950.  (The usual number produced by Israelis varies between 539,000 and 630,000 Palestinians fled, an estimate based on numerous historical documents from the period).

But quite amazingly, UNRWA never accepted the United Nations’ 711,000 number and came up with its own number of 914,221.

In fact, here is an UNRWA chart showing the ever-expanding number of Palestinian “refugees” .

1950: 914,221 UNRWA registered “Palestinian refugees”; 304,740 non-registered “Palestinian refugees”

1960: 1,120,889 UNRWA; 373,630 non-registered

1970: 1,425,219 UNRWA; 475,073 non-registered

1980: 1,844,318 UNRWA; 614,773 non-registered

1990: 2,422,514 UNRWA; 840,838 non-registered

2000: 3,737,494 UNRWA; 1,245,831 non-registered

2007: 4,510,510 UNRWA; 1,503,503 non-registered*

This brings me to a report issued by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) yesterday reporting on the latest update in UNRWA records that took place in January.

To begin with, the PCBS now has a new number of how many Palestinians fled in 1948 that even exceeds the totally bogus UNRWA number. The PCBS would now have us believe that 66% (957,000 people) of all Palestinians it “estimates” were living in “Historic Palestine (British-Mandated Palestine)” in 1948 were “expelled and displaced” by Israel. To put it a different way, the PCBS says that these 957,000 estimated people were the “original refugees.”

But now, using UNRWA numbers released in January, the PCBS declares that there are “a minimum” of  5.4 million UNRWA registered “Palestinian refugees.”

It is impossible to know how many of these so-called “refugees” are the “original refugees”; however, the PCBS statement notes that only 4.2% of the total Palestinian “refugee” population is 60 years of age or older (by contrast 41.1% of the total Palestinian “refugee” population is 15 years of age or younger).

According to the PCBS reportage of UNRWA statistics, where do Palestinian “refugees” live?

2,143,800 (39.7% live in Jordan)

1,301,400 (24.1% live in Gaza)

907,200 (16.8% live in the “West Bank” including “Jerusalem”)

567,000 (10.5%) live in Syria–though many of these have undoubtedly gone to Jordan and Lebanon since January

480,600 (8.9%) live in Lebanon

Amazingly, according to the PCBS, 41.2% of the total Palestinian population living in “Palestine” (meaning Judea, Samaria, and Gaza) are refugees**.  Of this number, 26.1% of the Palestinians living in the “West Bank” are refugees and 65.3% of the Palestinians living in Gaza are refugees.

It is simply remarkable to your humble servant that the Palestinians themselves refuse to integrate their fellow Palestinians into “West Bank” and Gazan society and maintain Palestinian refugee camps in Areas A and B of Judea and Samaria and in Gaza.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Palestinians run Palestinian refugee camps in their own autonomous territories.

But the world doesn’t seem to care. It is just one small fact obscured in a sea of fraudulent demography propagated by UNRWA and the PCBS.


**Based on this fraudulent estimate the total Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza is 5,360,679.
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