Three-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Killed In Palestinian “Work Related Accident”


It has now been 12 days since Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16 were kidnapped and last seen alive. Wherever you are, support the campaign to “Bring Back Our Boys”.

UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Wednesday, June 25 2014:

*The search for the three missing Israeli teenagers continues; however, the stranglehold that the IDF had placed on Hebron has been considerably relaxed. By last night, traffic was again flowing in and out of the city, and the PLO-Hamas police had resumed their normal operations.

According to the IDF, the search mission will continue as intensely as ever. Nevertheless, there is every indication that the energy that charged the search to begin with is waning.

Meanwhile, in a show of striking bravery, the mothers of the three teenagers were in Geneva yesterday speaking to the egregiously anti-Israel United Nations Human Rights Council. But mothers’ pleas fell on the deaf ears of an organization that views the mothers as “brutal Zionist criminals”. 

**The two month hunger strike of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons is over.  An as yet unspecified “deal” with the IPS (Israel Prison System) has enabled the prisoners to return to the food trough. The strike had become front page news here because the Knesset has been considering a bill that would allow doctors to “force feed” the strikers.

Oh well, now the terrorists can get on with the punishments of watching the World Cup games on their color TVs, taking university courses,  and receiving family visits.

It simply defies your humble servant’s understanding why any of us should care. If people do not want to eat, let them starve. What is incredible is the way that these prisoners regularly manipulate the IPS.


It has been another rough evening night for Israeli children, women, and men on or near the Gaza border. In the space of one hour last night–from roughly 7:20 pm until 8:20 pm–at least 8 missiles struck southern Israel from Ashkelon down to Zikim.

Two of the incoming rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome system and at least one other hit in the middle of an unnamed (for security reasons) community. Apparently no one was physically wounded, but who knows how many were traumatized by the Palestinian terrorist salvos?

And of course there were more missiles two hours later which have been totally unreported anywhere. Here in south Ashdod, we heard 3 consecutive launches of the Iron Dome at 10:23 pm. But again, for security reasons, your humble servant is not at liberty to comment on what was being shot at by the Palestinians and protected by the Iron Dome.

This morning we have had yet another of the absurdly tired comments from the IDF Spokesman saying that “the Israeli government will not allow citizens of southern Israel to live under the threat of continual rocket fire from Gaza”.

What a sad joke.

To live in southern Israel is to live under the constant threat of missiles from Gaza.

To live in southern Israel is to live within 15 seconds of bomb shelter.

To live in southern Israel is to live with constant trauma.

To live in southern Israel is to live with the knowledge that your government will not do what is necessary to protect you. 

By the way, there was one fatality from all of the rocket fire last night. A 3 year old Palestinian girl was killed and three more in her family wounded when a missile launched out of Gaza hit a house in Gaza. But who cares if a Palestinian child is killed by a Palestinian missile? She is just a “work-related accident.”

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