Here We Go Sliding Down The Slippery Slope

UPDATES 5 pm Israel time, Thursday, October 16 2014:

**Mohammad Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran, declared this morning that there would be no extension of nuclear talks after the current extended deadline of November 24: “Neither side thinks that extending the talks is worthwhile.” 

But wait!  Desperate to reach an agreement with Tehran, the United States through its spokesman quickly issued this Orwellian statement:

“We’re working on creative ways to give us all of the assurances we need [that Iran will not develop nuclear weapons]. There are a lot of ways to get to ‘yes’ here.”

You can be sure, dear reader, that the U.S. and its pusillanimous allies in the P5 +1 will give Iran every concession necessary to get that ‘yes’.

**Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich was on the Temple Mount yesterday and gave us the shocking news (pardon your humble servant’s cynicism) that those carrying out the terrorism on the Mount are members of Hamas and the Islamic Movement.

Aharonovich then added this gem: 

“We know them, and some of them have been arrested. That is the police force’s work and it will carry it out. I will not permit the throwing of another single stone.”

He will not permit the throwing of another single stone?

This is the same Aharonovich who signed off on the abandonment of the police station on the Mount that was burned by Muslim rioters, and this is the same Aharonovich who has done nothing to stop Muslim terrorists on the Mount since he took office last year.  

**Speaking of police stations, the police station at Rachel’s Tomb was the scene of another attack by Palestinian Muslim terrorists this morning as a group of some 40 assaulted the building with Molotov cocktails and “rocks”.

In the clashes that followed, a Border Guard was “moderately” wounded when an IED thrown by a terrorist exploded and hit the Guard with shrapnel. 

Another Border Guard was wounded in a separate incident today in the Ras Al-Amud neighborhood of Jerusalem when he was hit in the neck by a projectile fired by one of several dozen masked Arab terrorists. 

**Some possible good news in Nahal Oz, the kibbutz beside Gaza which was among the hardest hit in the recent war with Hamas:  according to a Channel 10 television report, 100 families visited the area on Tuesday with an eye toward moving there.

One of those interested in relocating was Ophira Graji of Ma’ale Adumim who said: “I know it’s a little bit scary, but we are so proud of being Israeli.”

Three cheers for Ophira and the other Zionists like her. The communities on the southern border need all the help they can muster. In Nahal Oz alone, more than half of the families who lived there before the war have moved out.


We have started down the slippery slope of granting concessions to Hamas.

In particular, the news of the day concerns the naval blockade of Gaza. On the same day that unelected PLO Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah declared that there will be no reconstruction in Gaza without a lifting of the blockade, Israel has indicated that it is prepared to begin doing just that.

More specifically, it has just been announced that Israel has agreed in principle for a huge Turkish generator ship to sail to Gaza, dock in the harbor of Gaza City, and provide Gaza with electricity.  The electricity to operate the ship, by the way, will be provided by Israel.

The utter irrationality of this concession is mind-boggling. Here we have Turkey, a country that is violently anti-Israel, being permitted to sail a ship through the Gaza blockade for ostensibly “humanitarian” purposes.

This is the same Turkey that shipped “humanitarian” supplies to Gaza during the recent war through the port in Ashdod. When those supplies were inspected, it was discovered that what Turkey was really shipping to Gaza were more than a ton of ball bearings to be placed in missiles to be fired at southern Israel. 

If anyone really thinks that the Turkish generating ship will only be providing electricity to the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, then that person should receive a medical checkup.


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