The U.S. Embassy Issues An “Emergency Travel Warning” For Israel

Updates 8 pm Israel time, Sunday, October 2014:

**There has been another missile attack on southern Israel. At least 2 and possibly 3 missiles fired from Gaza struck southern Israel this morning around 7:20 am. Alarms for the incoming missiles sounded in areas from Nahal Oz to along the Egyptian border.

As has happened in every case since the “end” of the recent war with Hamas, the IDF rushed to the podium to declare that the alarms were merely “false alarms”. Once again, however, residents on the ground reported seeing two missiles fired from Gaza and hearing multiple explosions from the missile impacts.


The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv has issued an “emergency message” travel warning to U.S. citizens visiting and living in Israel warning them not to visit the Old City, the Western Wall, and the Temple Mount. 

The advisory reads in part:

“There were demonstrations and clashes this week in some parts of East Jerusalem.  Additionally, entry restrictions into the Old City and onto the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount compound may further fuel tensions, particularly in the areas of Ras El Amoud, Silwan, Mt. of Olives, Issawiyeh, Wadi El Joz, Lions & Damascus Gates neighborhoods and the Old City following Friday prayers.”

What is missing from this advisory?

*The fact that the demonstrations and clashes are being solely initiated by Arabs.

*The fact that the demonstrations in the Old City are meant to deny Jews the religious freedom to worship in Judaism’s holiest place.

*The fact that the restrictions into the Old City and onto the Temple Mount are de-escalating the situation not “fueling tensions.”

And isn’t it funny how the Temple Mount is described? Listed first is the Arabic name of the Mount (the Haram al-Sharif). Then comes the Jewish name in English. Why is the Jewish name in Hebrew (the Har Habeit) not used?

What is amazing is how the U.S. government continues to try to impose an agreement on Israel that would return the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to Palestinian terrorists determined to deny Jews access to Jewish holy places–and authorizes the U.S. Embassy to issue travel warnings which accuse Israel of fueling tensions without a word of Palestinian Muslim responsibility.



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