CUFI Has Another Wonderful Night To Honor Israel!

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Monday, November 10 2014:

—>Two major terrorist events today:

The bloody scene at Alon Shvot today (picture: Walla).

The bloody scene at Alon Shvot today (picture: Walla).

*A Palestinian terrorist attempted to run over people at a hitchiking/bus stop near Alon Shvot this morning. He then got out of his car and began stabbing Israelis, including a 25 year old woman in the neck. The woman died this afternoon. Two other Israelis, both of whom were stabbed in the face, are in serious condition at this hour.

The attack occurred at the same spot at which the three Israeli teenaged boys were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and later killed. 

The terrorist, who is from Hebron, was shot and seriously wounded by the Alon Shvot security guard.

*An IDF soldier was stabbed repeatedly in the stomach early this afternoon at a Tel Aviv train station by a Palestinian from Shechem (Nablus) who attempted to take his weapon. He remains in critical condition at this hour after suffering massive blood loss.

The terrorist was captured shortly thereafter and is a Palestinian member of Hamas (see picture below) illegally living and working in Israel:

The terrorist proudly holding a Hamas flag.

The terrorist proudly holding a Hamas flag.

—>In other security news:

*two boats laden with weapons were intercepted on their way to Gaza from the Sinai by the Israel Navy.

*a roadside IED was found and detonated by IDF sappers in northern Jerusalem.

—>The condition of Rabbi Yehuda Glick continues to improve following the assassination attempt on his life. Even though he still cannot talk, he is able to communicate with those around him using a whiteboard.

—>PLO Chairman and unelected president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas announced yesterday that he intends to move the body of Yasser Arafat from Ramallah to Jerusalem. Where the body would be moved to is unclear, but it is highly likely that Abbas will attempt to have Arafat reburied in or around the Al-Aksa Mosque.

The way things are going, do not be surprised if Israel gives its approval.   


Given the news of today, your humble servant feels that some good news is in order. Last night, he and his wife attended another wonderful Night To Honor Israel sponsored by Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in Sacramento.

If you have never been to one of these events, you should go. You will immediately find yourself in a sea of Israel supporters who are waving flags, singing songs, and dancing in the aisles.

A small slice of the CUFI crowd last night.

A small slice of the CUFI crowd last night.

There was wonderful music and equally wonderful presentations last night by such people as the African-American Bishop of a large local evangelical church, two rabbis from the Sacramento area, members of student chapters of CUFI, and a host of others. 

It was exhilarating.

CUFI now has 1.8 million members and is the largest pro-Israel organization in the world. I encourage you to click on this link to go to the CUFI page and find out for yourself what they do for Israel. What they accomplish on university campuses in the United States is amazing. 

What have you done for Israel today?


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