“Whoever dances with Palestinian flags after terrorists kill Druze and Jewish people does not deserve to live among us.”

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Sunday, November 16 2014:

—>A brief summary of Palestinian Arab Muslim terrorism this week in Israel: there have been 270 terrorist attacks including stabbings, throwing “rocks” and Molotov cocktails, blowing up IEDs, and ramming cars into Israelis.  Two Israelis have been killed and 23 were wounded. 

It is miraculous that the casualty figures are so low.

—>There is no end to Muslim mendacity.

Yesterday, one of the worst of the anti-Israel bashers, Israeli Arab member of the Knessett Ahmed Tibi, ascended the Temple Mount and proclaimed to a cheering Muslim crowd at the Al-Aksa Mosque that Muslims are the “true owners” of the holiest place in Judaism.

We will not spend time in today’s blog restating again the total fraud of such a claim, except to say again, redundantly, that it is a total fraud.

A fraud that an ignorant Muslim world believes and a fraud that their world of supporters buys into with every eager cell of their beings.

Your humble servant was thinking about this ignorance today while reading the lastest rant from PM Erdogan of Turkey who proclaimed yesterday that Muslims discovered the Americas hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus (of course we all know that Native Americans lived in the Americas for thousands of years before Columbus ever arrived and that Vikings were actually the first Europeans who arrived in their world).

But back to Erdogan’s claim.

Where does this fabrication come from? It comes from another fabrication propagated by Youssef Mroueh of the As-Sunnah Foundation of America in a paper he wrote in 1996. In that writing, Mroueh claimed that Columbus wrote in his diary that he saw a mosque on the ridge of a mountain in Cuba.

Here is the actual section from Columbus’ log from its recorder Bartholome de Casas:

“Remarking on the position of the river and port, to which he gave the name of San Salvador, he describes its mountains as lofty and beautiful, like the Pena de las Enamoradas, and one of them has another little hill on its summit, like a graceful mosque.”  

Of course, Erdogan is not bright enough to be able to understand the difference between a person saying that he saw a mosque and a person saying that he saw a hill that had the shape of a mosque.

Mohammed prayed at the Al-Aksa Mosque, Mohammed’s horse took off from the Foundation Stone under the Dome of the Rock, Muslims own the Temple Mount, Muslims discovered the Americas . . . there is no end to Muslim mendacity. 

—>The Netanyahu coalition has furthered weakened today as PM Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett have joined forces against Yair Lapid and Tzipi Livni over the proposed “Jewish State” law following an appeal against the proposed law by Lapid and Livni.

The law would cement in Israel Basic Law that Israel is a Jewish state. It is vehemently opposed by Israeli leftists led by Lapid and Livni.

Apparently Lapid and Livni promised to support such a law when they signed on to be partners in the coalition. This morning they are accused of betrayal by Bennett who says that Jewish Home will never support any law proposed by Lapid and Livni again.

Because of the appeal, the proposed Law must be voted on in the Netanyahu cabinet before it can be brought to the floor of the Knesset for its readings. With Netanyahu’s support, there is reason to hope that it will be quickly approved.


The fighting between Druze and Israeli Muslim Arabs in Abu Sinon has continued over the weekend with another 20 people reportedly wounded.

As reported in Israel Hayom today a Muslim resident of the town said:

“That’s it, coexistence in Abu Snan is over. We had a joint life and wonderful coexistence. We were together during celebrations and funerals, and that is all over now. My Druze neighbors who are slaughtering me and my people with weapons they got from the army ruined everything. There will be revenge.”

To which Druze resident Wafa Said replied:

“We are not scared of the Muslims. Whoever dances with Palestinian flags after terrorists kill Druze and Jewish people does not deserve to live among us. They should go to Palestine if it’s so great there.”

Said’s comments were in reference to the fact that the Muslim community of Abu Sinan celebrated in the streets two weeks ago when Druze Border Policeman Jadan Assad was killed by a Muslim Arab terrorist in Jerusalem. As the Druze community was mourning, the Israeli Muslims paraded around town waving Palestinian flags.

In your humble servant’s opinion, Said is absolutely correct: “Whoever dances with Palestinian flags after terrorists kill Druze and Jewish people does not deserve to live among us.”



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