The Barbaric Murders In the Jerusalem Synagogue This Morning



7 pm Israel time, Tuesday, November 18 2014:

It has now been about 12 hours since the vicious terrorist attack at the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue in western Jerusalem this morning. The four Israeli victims–Rabbi Moshe Twersky (59), Rabbi Avraham Goldberg (68), Rabbi Kalman Levine (55), Aryeh Kupinsky (43)–have already been buried in funerals attended by tens of thousands. Two more Israelis are critically wounded–including a Jerusalem policeman; two more are seriously wounded; and two more are moderately wounded.

The four victims were butchered as they prayed.

The arm of one of the dead--still wearing his prayer phylacteries wrapped around his arm.

The arm of one of the dead–still wearing his prayer phylacteries wrapped around his arm.

The scene was barbarous.

The gruesome scene in one corner of the synagogue (photo: Times of Israel).

The gruesome scene in one corner of the synagogue (photo: Times of Israel).

A prayer book covered in blood:


One of the weapons used in the attack:


Armed with meat cleavers, knives, and guns, the terrorists rampaged through the synagogue yelling Allahu Akbar, chopping and stabbing worshipers in the head and body, and then shooting them at point blank range. Several of the victims had their half of their faces hacked off. 

Seven minutes after entering the synagogue, the terrorists were shot dead by a police officer.

Why did the terrorists choose the synagogue that they did? Because one of the terrorists apparently worked in a nearby grocery store in the predominantly Jewish neighborhood in West Jerusalem.

As news of the brutal murders was reported, the homes of the dead terrorists in the Jabal Mukaber neighborhood of eastern Jerusalem became the scene of celebrations replete with dancing and the giving out of candies and baklava. The mother of one of the terrorists was especially exuberant as she proclaimed that there was no greater joy for a mother than to have her son die as a martyr.

Meanwhile, the international coverage of this massacre has been hideous–led by CNN that has gone out of its way to misreport what took place.

Source: CNN.

Source: CNN.

Note how the synagogue was transformed into a mosque–and that the developing story line makes it appear that the police shot and killed two innocent Palestinians. Of course, the CNN reporter on the ground who was responsible for these headlines was Ben Wedeman (seen in the lower picture) who is one of the worst anti-Israel bashers as seen by his reportage from Gaza during the recent war with Hamas. Wedeman eventually tweeted that a “terrorist attack” had occurred–quotations around terrorist attack were his as he sought to claim it was not really a terrorist attack.

The Palestinian media is awash in “heroic images”:

The caption below the bloody meat cleaver reads "For You Al Aksa)".

The caption below the bloody meat cleaver reads “For You Al Aksa)”.

One last word this evening.

Your humble servant is sick and tired of the likes of Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Mahmoud Abbas condemning murders like the ones today after they occur. Each one of these people had a hand in the murders because each one of them incited the Palestinians to attack Jews with continually fraudulent proclamations about Israel changing the status quo in Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount. To condemn murders after they occur is malevolently disingenuous in the extreme. 

Rabbi Moshe TwerskyRabbi Avraham GoldbergRabbi Kalman LevineAryeh Kupinsky: May your memories be blessed.

To the widows of these men and to their combined 24 children: May you be comforted in this time of mourning.  




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