On The Subject of “Israelis” and “Jews”: Netanyahu’s Pathetic Call For Outrage

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Wednesday, November 19 2014:

—>The funeral of Druze Sgt. Zidan Sif was attended by thousands of people today. Sgt. Sif bravely charged first into the synagogue yesterday only to be cut down by the terrorists. This morning the ultra-orthodox community declared Sgt. Sif a “Righteous Among the Nations” and exhorted their community to attend his funeral.

The funeral of Sgt. Sif this afternoon.

The funeral of Sgt. Sif this afternoon.

May Sgt. Zidan Sif be forever blessed. 

—>A Facebook posting from yesterday praising the butchery carried out in the Jerusalem synagogue by Arab terrorists . . . note the profile statement at the bottom of the post:



“Teacher at UNRWA”, complete with the UNRWA logo. By the way, this was one of many such posts from UNRWA teachers yesterday.  

—>Three days ago, the Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates published a list of 87 extremist groups that are being put on the UAE list of terrorist organizations.  These organizations will now be listed in accordance with the new anti-terror law enacted in the UAE:

It is an extraordinary list which shows in some small way the spread of Islamist terror organizations around the globe. Your humble servant is particularly happy to point out that one group on the list is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) which we often find ourselves fighting against here in the United States.

The list includes: Muslim Brotherhood in the UAE, Al Islah Society, Fatah Al Islam in Lebanon, Islamic Association in Italy, UAE Jihad cells, Osbat Al Ansar in Lebanon,  Islamic Association in Finland, Al Karama Organisation, Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, Islamic Association in Sweden, The Islamic Association in Sweden, Ummah Parties in the Gulf region, Ansar Al Sharia (Supporters of Sharia Law) in Libya, Islamic Association in Norway, Al Qaida Organisation, Ansar Al Sharia in Tunisia, Islamic Relief  Organisation  in London, Islamic State (Daesh), Mujahideen Youth Movement in Somalia, Cordoba Foundation in Britain, Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Islamic Relief  Organisation — an affiliate of the International Organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia (Supporters of Sharia Law) in Yemen, Almoravids Battalion in Mali, Taliban Pakistan, Muslim Brotherhood Organisation and group, Ansar Al Deen (Defenders of the Faith) in Mali, Abu Thar Al Ghafari Brigade in Syria, Islamic Group in Egypt, Pakistan’s Haqqani network, Al Tawhid Brigade in Syria, Egyptian Ansar Jerusalem, Pakistani Lashkar-e-Taiba group, Tawhid and Faith Brigade in Syria, Ajnad  Misr (Egyptian Jihadist Group), East Turkistan movement in Pakistan, Green Brigade in Syria, Mujahideen Shura Council, Aknaf Bait Al Maqdis (Defenders of Jerusalem), The Army of Mohammad  in Pakistan, Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Brigade in Syria, Al Houthi Movement in Yemen, The Army of Mohammad  in Pakistan and India, Talha Bin Obaidullah Brigade in Syria, Saudi Hezbollah Al Hejaz, Indian Mujahideen in India/Kashmir, Hezbollah in GCC countries, Al Sarim Al Battar Brigade, The Caucasus Emirate (Chechen Mujahideen), Abdullah Ibn Mubarak Brigade, Al Qaida Organisation in Iran, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Syrian Martyrs Brigade, Badr Organisation in Iraq, Abu Sayyaf Group (Philippines), Abu Omar Brigade,  Asa’ib Ahl Al Haq (League of the Righteous) in Iraq, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Ahrar Shammar Brigade in Syria, Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq, Kanvas organisation in Belgrade, Serbia, Sariyat Al Jabal Brigade in Syria, Abu Fadl Abbas Brigade Iraq, Muslim American Society (MAS), Al Shahba Brigade in Syria, Al Youm Al Maoud Brigade in Iraq, Association of Muslim Scholars, Al Qa’qa’ Brigade in Syria, Omar Bin Yasser Brigade (Syria), Union of Islamic Organisations of France, Sufian Al Thawri Brigade in Syria, Iraqi Ansar Al Islam Group, Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, Ibad Al Rahman Brigade in Syria, Al Nusra Front in Syria, Islamic Association in Britain, Omar Ibn Al Khattab Brigade in Syria, Ahrar Al Sham Movement in Syria, Islamic Society of Germany, Al Shaima Brigade in Syria, Army of Islam in Palestine, Islamic Association in Denmark, Al Haq Brigade in Syria, Abdullah Azzam Brigades, Islamic Association in Belgium

Any person or group having any contact with any of these organizations is subject to arrest. More specifically, the law states: “Whoever seeks or communicates with a foreign state, terrorist organisation or with anyone who works for their interests, to commit any terrorist act, shall be punished with imprisonment for life while the death penalty will be imposed if the terrorist act has been carried out.”


As all regular readers of israelstreet know, Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular make no distinction between Israelis and Jews.

For example, whenever Mahmoud Abbas speaks in Arabic, he never says that “We must rise up against the Israelis” ; instead he says that “We must rise up against the Jews“. Yesterday, when Palestinians were passing out candies and sweets in celebration of the gruesome attack in the synagogue, their celebration was all about killing “Jews.”

Last night, an Israeli TV reporter took viewers on a gory tour of the inside of the synagogue showing where each rabbi was bloodily hacked and shot to death. As it turns out, the terrorists did not merely shoot those holy men who were praying. They also sprayed all of the holy books in the synagogue and the Aron Kodesh where the Torah scrolls are kept with gunfire.

Your humble servant thinks about all of this in connection with the statement that PM Netanyahu made to the nation last night. In that statement, Netanyahu called on all world leaders to express outrage over the massacre.

Aside from the fact that having to call on leaders to express such outrage is pathetically indicative of just how immoral the world has become, Netanyahu has inadvertently played into the hands of anti-Israel leaders around the world.

How?  Because each one of these leaders feels that each time he or she condemns actions against “Jews”, that gives the person free rein five minutes later to harshly criticize Israel about everything from the price of yoghurt to the construction of a health clinic in Samaria.

To put all of this in a different way, whereas Arabs make no distinction between Israelis and Jews, the rest of the world makes every distinction. Netanyahu’s asking leaders to condemn what happened in the synagogue will in no way affect their unending attempt to undermine and delegitimize Israel.



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