The Palestinian Terrorist Murderer of Boaz Lahav and David Lankri Dies

96 Days Until the Election


It was May 14, 1979.

The city of Tiberias was full of worshipers and young revelers because it was the eve of the Jewish holiday Lag B’Omer.  20-year-old PLO terrorist Ziad Abu Ein sneaked into the city, went to a bus stop on Galil Street near where a youth rally was taking place, and planted a bomb in a garbage can beside the bus stop.

Moments later, the bomb exploded.

David Lankri, aged 14, and Boaz Lahav, aged 16, were blown to pieces on the spot. 35 other Israelis and two Americans–mostly teenagers–were wounded, some critically.

Ziad Abu Ein somehow escaped to the United States.

But he was captured shortly thereafter by U.S. marshals. Israel immediately filed for his extradition. Abu Ein fought the extradition and his case came to court on March 28, 1980 (you can read the entire judgment here).

According to the judge’s ruling at the time: “The accused seeks shelter in the history and evidence of Israeli-Arab conflict and in the existence of the P.L.O. as his political motivation to kill and injure; in other words, he seeks to equate the actions of violence as political because he is a member of an organization which acts for and on behalf of the P.L.O.”

The judge did not buy Abu Ein’s argument, and Abu Ein was sent back to Israel in 1981. 

In 1982, Abu Ein was tried in Israel and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of Lankri and Lahav.

That life sentence lasted exactly 3 years; in 1985 Abu Ein was released when the Israeli government, headed at the time by Shimon Peres, freed 1,150 Palestinian murderers and criminals in exchange for three soldiers captured in Lebanon.

From that point until today, Abu Ein had lived the charmed life led by all Palestinian murderers. Along the way, he organized and carried out an endless stream of terrorism–and even remarked at one point that Oslo had been a bonanza for the Palestinians because it made it easy to bring weapons into the “West Bank.”  Paid a lucrative salary by Western countries that fund the PLO, Abu Ein “served” in a variety of positions ranging from Minister of Prisoner Affairs to Minister of Settlements.

Today, at long last, the Palestinian murderer Ziad Abu Ein died.

A despicable murderer dies.

A despicable Palestinian terrorist murderer died today.

Suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, he apparently had a heart attack while confronting Border Guards near the village of Turmus Aya in Samaria. He was marching with around 100 foreign anarchists and Palestinians towards a Jewish community and when they were stopped by the IDF.

Ironically an IDF female medic attempted to help Abu Ein, but he refused and died shortly thereafter in an ambulance.

But who really cares how he died? Suffice it to say that a viciously evil terrorist died, a man who should have been executed long ago.

By the way, there are calls from around the world today that there be an immediate investigation into Abu Ein’s death. Where were these people when Abu Ein murdered Boaz Lahav and David Lankri? Nowhere to be seen.



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