Ayala Shapira: Who Caused the Firebomb Attack That Nearly Burned Her Alive?

7 pm Israel time, Friday, December 26 2014

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***At least two missiles launched out of Gaza by Hamas terrorists exploded in southern Israel this afternoon. Residents of the Chof Ashkelon region and Eshkol regions were sent running to their bomb shelters at around 2 am this morning and again at around noon. As usual, the IDF claimed that both alarms were “false”.  As usual, residents have reported hearing explosions when the missiles impacted the ground.

At the same time, more Hamas missiles were fired toward the sea as the IDF continued the placement of Iron Dome batteries near Beersheva and Netivot. At the same time that the above missile attacks were taking place, a Hamas terrorist was shot as he approached the Gaza border fence.

Unsurprisingly, while southern Israelis hunkered down in our bomb shelters, the IDF General Command continued to sing the Orwellian tune that “Hamas is not interested in escalating the situation”. Of course, that is precisely what Hamas is doing.

***The Bedouin IDF reconnaisance officer who was critically wounded by a Hamas sniper at the Gaza fence two days ago continues to improve. He is now conscious and able to talk to those around him.

***There have been innumerable attacks again today by Palestinian terrorists throughout Judea and Samaria. To list them all here would require pages of blog space. Suffice it to say that no Israeli is safe on any road in the territory.


The Shapira's car. It is miraculous that anyone got out alive.

The Shapira’s car. It is miraculous that anyone got out alive.

It was a simple, obvious statement yesterday which each “everyday” Israeli instantly grasps but few Israeli politicians seem to be able to understand.

Avner Shapira was speaking from his hospital bed about the horrific firebomb attack on his family’s car which left his 12 year old daughter Ayala in critical condition and disfigured for life. Disfigured that is, if she survives the third degree burns over 50% of her body–especially in her face and neck. 

This is what Ayala looked like until yesterday. Now we should all pray that she survives.

This is what Ayala looked like until yesterday. Now we should all pray that she survives. If she does, doctors say that she faces extensive facial reconstruction surgeries.

Here’s what Shapira said as reported by YNet News: “My wife’s car was hit by a firebomb hurled at her a month ago. This is a spot they are fond of using for an ambush, after which they escape to the villages. It is part of the same series of events taking place across the country, in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and inside the Green Line.

Of course, Shapira is exactly right about the interconnectedness of the terror confronting Israel.

It is a terror perpetrated by Hamas, the PLO, tens of other terrorist organizations, and the Israeli and international “left” including and Israeli and international NGO’s. 

Every time a missile is fired into Israel from Gaza and the IDF does nothing; every time a Hamas terrorist successfully infiltrates across the Gaza border fence; every time Qatar-paid Hamas terrorists on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem successfully close down the Mount to Jews; every time terrorists stab and run over Israelis at bus stops, train stops, and hitch-hiking points; every time international activists and Palestinian terrorists attack security forces in at the separation fence and at checkpoints; every time the Netanyahu government approves construction in Jerusalem and elsewhere and fails to follow through; every time any of this happens, it increases the likelihood that Israeli children will be burned alive in their cars in Judea and Samaria.

One last word: it was no small irony yesterday that at almost exactly the same time as the firebomb attack at El Matan in Samaria on the Shapiras, the Israel Supreme Court ordered that the Jewish community of Amona–25 miles down the road– be destroyed. In an amazingly contorted ruling, the Court ruled that despite the fact that the judges had been shown documents verifying the purchase of the land of the community from Palestinian landowners, the community must nevertheless be destroyed because much of the construction is “illegal.”

Amona, as you may or may not know, was founded in 1995 and is home to some 45 families with a total of around 200 residents. For years, left-wing Israeli NGOs Peace Now and Yesh Din have fought to have the community dismantled. To be sure, the Court gave the residents two years to clear out, but the decision is yet another victory for the forces of Israeli delegitimization.

And it is a decision guaranteed to bring more firebomb, “rock”, and shooting attacks on Israelis everywhere.





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